Case Closed

The case is closed- I have decided that Gulliver is officially a madman. There are so many things that I disagree with Gulliver on. He is- man, I can’t even describe how annoying and hypocritical I find him. I thought I liked the relationship that he had with his “Master,” but then I almost felt like the Master just felt sorry for Gulliver, not that they were actual friends. I don’t know, I almost felt like there were some “maybe I can save him” kind of vibes from the Master towards Gulliver. In the end, the Master and Gulliver thought that Gulliver was unworthy and insignificant compared to the Houyhnhnms. I found the last two paragraphs or so of part 4 so frustrating. I wanted to smack some sense into Gulliver but he was at a point where there was no way anyone could have changed his view of the “yahoos” or normal people in general. A part of me thinks that Gulliver was either brainwashed, or the whole land of the Houyhnhnms was all in his head because something happened to him on his journey. Overall, I was impressed by all of the satire and how much it made my head hurt, but I was not impressed by Gulliver. In a way though, it was almost like I couldn’t look away when Gulliver said crazy things, so I guess you could say it caught my interest.

Now some final thoughts about the end.

This is it my friends. The last required Rampages. I honestly have no idea what to continue writing about but may I just say…

It’s been a great class! I think that Dr. C is one of my favorite English teachers I’ve ever had, and I am so glad to have had him during the difficult times of Covid especially. Although I am sad that this class is almost over, I look forward to my future English classes, given that I switched my major to English. I recently had the English major overview with my advisor, and during that meeting I realized what loving your major feels like. I don’t think I have ever been as excited about classes than I am right now. I’m so excited to continue to learn and grow in my knowledge of the English language and all of the creative and hard work that goes into it. I’m ready for this semester to end, and hopefully I can get some good rest so I can come back stronger than ever!

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Hey Karis! I found Gulliver to be reminiscent of a lot the stereotypical antagonists in movies; or a character who despite all the pushing of other characters evidence that conflict with his/her own beliefs, will not budge and maintains their opinion no matter what (often until death). I am also reminded of various people I’ve met growing up. In the past I’ve interacted with people who hated my guts (I stuck around them because I would often get bored with the usual “nice” encounters) but I eventually got them to turn around in a matter of time. In Gulliver’s case I feel like he is able to be turned around but with much effort and time. A person who can speak and rationalize at his level would also be important it turning him over to a more open mind. Of course, he may not change even if death takes him; but never say never, right? 🙂

Yeah Dr. C is super dope! My advisor (I believe Dr. C mentioned it as well) let me know that Dr. C’s Milton course is often loved and it may be possible to register for it next semester if he is teaching it again. If he is, hopefully it is still open after I get the hold off my account :D.

I hope to see you sometime again in the next 3 semesters! I really loved your comments on much of the posts on the forum. You’re an awesome classmate!

best wishes,
Orangutan, Player 3, Sarwat

Gulliver was certainly…. a lot! It was interesting and fun to read. I will agree his character was so frustrating to get through as it seem he will never change his view on Yahoos. You can never reason with persistent people sadly. Also, this was an amazing class!! I wish you the best of luck with your future courses! 🙂

Gulliver’s head is definitely completely away from reality, and I don’t think that he would be savable. I couldn’t stop thinking about how the Houyhnhnms were discussing wiping the Yahoos out, with Gulliver paying attention to it. It makes me think that Gulliver has this idea of cleansing on his mind, pretty scary.

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