Pretty much all of the topics in this class are related as we saw in earlier lectures genetics plays a larger role in your predispositon to having a mental illness. but your environment  does as well. this can lead to some people being better able to handle some situations than others. this can lead to a disconnect with people when some are able to handle a situation easier than others. I see this often in my own family when im able to cope better with stress than my other family members for a while and this caused a disconnect between us. but in understanding these small natural differences you can better understand and empathize with others. This can also be seen by our strengths that each of us have will some people may be born with these strengths are given them because of there situation so that leads to even larger differences in how situations are handled. these strengths weren’t really something I had ever considered to be a real factor up to this point. I’ve started to try to use mindfulness when i’m feeling stressed but its been difficult to implement as I already have other stress out lets such as the gym but I feel as though if I can add this to my skills it could be useful for when it is difficult to get to the gym.  so all in all these topics we have talked about are all related and influenced by one another so its hard to say that you have taken away just one point. it just goes to show how complex of an issue this really is.

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  1. I really enjoyed hearing you talk about disconnects within families due to differences in coping. My grandmother recently passed and though it should not have it caused strife between many family members because people think how they respond and cope is how everyone should. Your mentioning of understanding each others differences as a means of empathizing with your family was well put, I also think it could aid in diffusing potential discrepancies.

  2. I really liked that you connected this to your family and how biological responses influence a mental health issue. Because if you are really mindful then you will see that there are more similarities between people around you and around the globe than you think when it comes to dealing with certain issues.

  3. Genetics is a key to your mental health and it is good that you found a way to cope with your stress. I believe that even though genetics influences an individual it is who they decide to deal with it is a way to control it.

  4. I can relate to the family disconnects when it comes to stress. It seems everyone in my family makes mountains out of mole hills and I could never understand why. I am going to try and take a page out of your book using mindfullness to help me see problems through their eyes without judging first.

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