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throughout this class we have learned many different lessons form many different people. All of these lessons have one common thread and that is you can make active life choices to increase you happiness and well being no matter your circumstances you can reach that flourishing stage if you are willing to put in the work. this all starts with fulfilling your basic needs such as sleeping, eating and exercising. for you mind to be at its best your body that supports it needs this is something I fully embrace as I try my best to eat healthy and work out as often as possible. once those are meet you can start to work on accomplishing the things set forth in the PERMA model to achieve this by implementing other things we learned in class such as staying off our phones around bed time to help with sleep and off social media to prevent over comparing. mindfulness is also another very important factor and a great way to help you analyze a situation to help prevent spiraling and keep things in perspective. Establishing solid connections with others who are flourishing is also very important according to research your happiness is increased by not only having these relationships but these relationships being with happy people. so its in your best interest to translate all of the science we have learned into actionable things for you to use not only your self but also for your friends and family to use. therefore I intend to try to spread these ideas to my close friends as im not one for big posts on social media but just by pointing them to research that could help them get through everyday life can be very useful. All of this can’t be accomplished at once but I’ve started to add in mindfulness into my day as often as possible I attend the ICA event in order to help get a more professional guided experience as its a nice change up from practicing it at home. another big take away for me is lowering my time on my phone as this has been an issue thats plagued me for quite sometime i’ve already seen major decreases in usage which is always good to see that these changes are possible. my biggest challenge will be embracing the changes I need to make to my academic mindset in order to put me in a growth mindset instead of the fixed mindset I find myself in quite often.

I feel as though this image best signifies my feelings towards this class as all applying all of these lessons will take time as its journey and it won’t be easy but if you prepare you can reach the top (flourish)

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  1. Hey! I also have started to practice mindfulness everyday as a way to relieve stress from school and other life events. I really enjoyed your insight on all of the topics we learned about and how you connected them in your post. I agree with you that finding time away from your phone and other screens is important for mental health and also plan on trying to limit my time on my phone and on social media in particular. I think that taking small steps to start using the skills we have learned is a great plan to continue the use of this information! I also think that practicing mindfulness is definitely the easiest and quickest change a person can make to increase their quality of life and decrease their stress levels.

  2. My blog post carried similar perspectives as yours in regards to sleep and exercise. I really like the picture you chose, this class was probably one of the most difficult ones for me due to the structure of the class. Its definitely a personal journey and takes time to understand the concepts being taught.

  3. I think its awesome that this class has helped you decrease your phone usage time. It’s something I still need to work on, but seeing that it has actually worked for you has inspired me to do the same. I think that you have a really good grasp on mental health and how to maintain a healthy mindset and that’s something I honestly really admire because like you said, a lot of the control in being happy comes from you and you have to decide whether or not you’re going to have that control. It’s something I definitely still struggle with but having friends around who have achieved it is a really good influence, so thanks 🙂

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