Instructor Roles

Instructor Roles that I will play in my module:

Course designer-I am building my course from scratch, not modifying it from a traditional face-to-face classroom.  I will definitely be using the “trial and error” approach mentioned in the reading as I determine not only which content is most effective, but will also be evaluating the way in which it is delivered.  I want to make sure that I am not overwhelming my students with too much information, but also providing them with enough information on study strategies (while differentiating instruction) that they can successfully implement new strategies into their study habits.

Profession-inspirer-this one is my main goal.  I want students to be exposed to study strategies, organization tips, time management skills, communication skills, and ways to reduce test anxiety that they can incorporate into their daily lives as learners.  Everything we do is designed to give them information and options for integrating the tips/skills into daily practice and ultimately life-long learning skills.

Feedback-giver-I will be giving feedback during the module as a way to pace the module and participate in online discussions.  Feedback will also be given during face-to-face meetings and in online discussions as students discuss the various study strategies they plan to use.

Interaction facilitator-the online discussions will take place based off of the discussion questions I post in between face-to-face meetings.  I anticipate needing to provide a lot of faciliatation because my group is comprised of 9th and 10th graders and while they did volunteer to participate, I do not see them engaging in a lot of online discussion without prompting.  It is a fine line though because this module is not part of a required class and it would go against all learning goals for the module to overwhelm them with participation requirements.

Conference manager-I do not see me utilizing this role.  I anticipate that it will be challenging to get the students to respond to my discussion posts, much less engage in online conversations that will requirement my management.

Organizer and planner-I have been very straightforward in my organization of the course.  I think the dated materials folders in Schoology really help keep the course structured.  The updates section is a bit cluttered with messages from me; however, this age of the students dictates that I need to provide steady reminders for meeting times and responding to discussion questions.

Social rapport builder-due to the hybrid nature of my module, I am not as concerned with establishing an online prescence since we will be meeting face-to-face over the next couple of months and I will focus my relationship building during those times.

Technical coordinator-I am using Schoology for my module and since this is a schoolwide technology option, I am relying on our school tech support for any issues students may have.

Media designer-thus far in my module I have relied on links to websites and youtube videos as well as uploaded pdf’s of documents I am planning to give them in face-to-face meetings.  I do not plan to expand this role to create any additional multi-media tools.

Technology integrator-Again, we are using Schoology and face-to-face meetings so I do not plan to use any additional technology for this initial run with the module.

5 thoughts on “Instructor Roles

  1. Kelyn,
    I think you will have your hands full with the Interaction facilitator role in your module. I agree you will probably need to give a lot of guidance to your younger students. It sounds like it will be an exciting opportunity for the students!

    1. Yes, I am learning this as I have held the first two sessions already. Thus far they have answered the discussion questions that I have posted, but are not really engaging in discussion amongst themselves. The next group I work with I plan to engage in some online discussion while we are in the room together and as we move forward with this current session, I think I will ask them to post some questions to each other rather than just respond to mine. It’s a work in progress, but it sure has been fun!

      1. There really is an art to facilitating online discussions (especially with K-12 students). We teach an entire semester long course on it. It is crucial to tell students what you want them to discuss with others, and also make sure that this is not something that can be copied from one student to another, because these responses tend to turn in to group-think, and everyone writes the same thing. Try to make it personal, where students have to resond with somethign that is only personal to them. And don’t be vague, tell them exactly what you want them to address

  2. Kelyn – looks like you are going to be wearing a lot of hats! This is difficult since you are dealing with younger students who (probably) have not been either held accountable or have fallen through the cracks and just passed along. The work you are doing with them is commendable. With all of these roles you are playing, are you finding yourself in more of one role than the other? I would think it would be difficult to manage all of this (on top of everything else you are doing). As you begin thinking back on these roles and your students, are there roles you see that should be given more attention and some that — if needed — would be pushed to the back burner? I feel the same way with my roles in the classroom and online — I want to do everything and make sure that everything is organized… but, it is exhausting at times.

    1. Yes, I am definitely running into this problem. I really love this module and I think it is SO relevant and important, but finding the time to incorporate it into my other duties has been really challenging. I need to work on the timing for future sessions. There are certain times (like Dec and Feb) that I have to avoid because of testing and scheduling so I’m wondering if maybe I started it earlier and met weekly I could maybe get through it a little faster? I think the facilitator, feed-back giver, and profession inspirer are where I am spending most of my time, but that could certainly change depending on the group.

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