Learning Activities

There are multiple learning activities I can use in my module from this week’s reading.  First, is conversation.  I would love for this to happen mostly online and I realize this is the point, but given my population, I feel like more of this will occur during the face-to-face sessions.  It is my hope that after multiple face-to-face sessions and answering some online discussion questions from me, the students will start to engage in a dialog through Schoololy with each other.  I think this is inquiry learning (??) as they ask questions of one another and offer feedback.  If they are able to build connections with each other I think this will increase their confidence as they gain peer support.

I also plan to utilize group activities.  This is another way for students to connect to each other and to absorb the content.  I plan to give them mnemonics exercises, have them prioritize their responsibilities to build time management skills, give them various study scenarios to improve, and also engage in role play exercises in small groups to practice communication and self-advocacy skills.  These group activities will take place during our face-to-face meetings so will not incorporate technology.

One activity I wish I had built in for my first sessions is icebreakers.  I felt like the students were a bit nervous and definitely too quiet when we first met.  When I run this module again, I plan to have them log onto Schoology and do online introductions (while in the same room) and maybe have some type of Scavenger Hunt around the room with online components where they have to work together.

As mentioned when I discussed group activities, I plan to use role playing during the communication and self-advocacy session.  I will give students various scenarios in which they are teacher/student and they have to role play asking questions in class scenarios, asking for help in preparation for studying, and also understanding how to advocate for themselves and access academic resources.  I am having a hard time seeing role playing as an online activity so I am curious to see if and how anyone else is planning to do this.

Finally, all of my content loaded into the Schoology course can be considered study aids.  There are multiple youtube videos, links to study skills websites, and pdf files with tips on note taking skills, reducing test anxiety, ways to set up a study space, and general information on study strategies.


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