Self-regulation is defined as “the self directive process by which learners transform their mental abilities into academic skills.  Learning is viewed as an activity that students do for themselves in a proactive way rather than as a covert event that happens to them in reaction to teaching.”  I feel like this is right in line with the learning goals of my module.  It is my goal that by the end of the module students will have engaged in self-examination of their study strategies and be able to recognize areas of weakness and start to utilize new strategies that will result in lifelong learning skills.

My module will focus on traditional strategies of SRL like notetaking, getting organized, and prioritizing work, but I will also encourage online adaptation of SRL.  Through the weekly discussion questions and update posts students will develop the habit of logging onto Schoology for my module and their other classes.  Participation in the discussion questions will give them feedback on their study strategies and also provide encouragement and a sense of connection to the process to keep them engaged.

Students should engage in self reflection as they employ various study strategies and see if their assessment grades in classes improve.  They will also self reflect on their confidence levels at the end of the module regarding how they feel about resources they have for study skills, ease of communication with teachers, and a reduction in test anxiety.  Students should assess what is working for them and what isn’t and make adjustments based on that information rather than engage in defensive reactions like avoiding tests, adopting negative views on their abilities, and overall withdrawal from academics.



3 thoughts on “SRL

  1. You are right, it seems that your module will utilize most of the SRL processes we’ve read about. It may be a gateway for students to take control of their goals if they haven’t already done so. By this I mean that it may be the first opportunity they have had to really assess and think about their study skills and how to improve on them. There is no stopping a young mind when the knowledge of how to tap into all of it is present! Great job on your module:) Peace

  2. Kelyn – It’s nice that your module is teaching them to be self-regulated learners. It reminds them that learning is an active process and not a passive one. This module also asks them to think about learning goals and I can honestly say that many of their learning goals are often unrealistic and uninformed. For example, I have students who think that they want to go to medical school yet they are doing poorly in general chemistry. In addition, they have done nothing to improve their grade. They think that the outcome will change on the next test yet they have not adjusted their strategy for learning/studying. I know that as a counselor you have many of these discussions with students. Maybe all 9th graders should have to work through your module.

    1. I would love for it to grow to include more students. I definitely want to discuss maybe adding it into our freshman orientation we do in August…to let them know that it’s out there to try and get more involvement. Something I still need to figure out is since it is volunteer with no grade attached to it keeping students motivated and interested has been a challenge. Maybe I could partner with some English 9 classes to attach some accountability to it?

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