Final Plan for Module-Captain

By the end of the semester, I will have at least 3 completed lessons, out of 7.  I am hoping to complete the 4th lesson, but not certain it will happen.  I have the intro lesson, the first study skills lesson, and the test preparation lesson.  For lessons 4, 5, and 6 I plan to cover time management and organization skills, communication and self-advocacy skills, and another round of study skills.  Lesson 7 will be a wrap up session including the post-test and answering any lingering questions for the students.  I also want them to share their changed study habits and how this has impacted their grades.

By the time this class ends, I will have presented three of the lessons.  We will meet twice in January for lessons 4 and 5 and then twice in March for 6 and 7.  I purposely avoided any face-to-face meetings in February because we will be consumed with the start of scheduling for the next school year.

I have mentioned this before, but I would love feedback on what study strategies teachers would most like to see their students improve on?  I would also welcome feedback on the timing of my sessions.  I am leaning strongly towards starting them earlier in the school year next year and having them meet weekly instead of so much space in between.  I would also like to incorporate even more of an online element, but I’m not sure exactly what that would look like.  I would like to add more of an accountability piece to the class to keep the kids invested, since right now they are on a volunteer basis.  Any ideas on how to pair this up with a freshman class so that I can reach more students and also get more buy-in from them?

2 thoughts on “Final Plan for Module-Captain

    1. Some sort of assessment or tie in to one of their courses. Right now it is a strictly volunteer basis and the students are not motivated enough to stick with it. I feel like they would give it more attention if there was a grade attached to it.

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