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For my final project, I have 3 completed lesson plans, the fourth partially completed, and a good outline for the final 2 lessons.  I have learned so much in the development of this project-that I can actually use Schoology, that I can create lessons and add technology elements, my roles as an instructor, and that my students are NOT as proactive and engaged as I want them to be.  Having the chance to implement the first few lessons has already given me several things I want to change next time.  I will definitely present the lessons closer together and I need to link it to a class assignment of some sort (even if it’s extra credit) to get more involvement and accountability from students.

I am still interested in hearing from others what study strategies they would like to see their students get a better handle on?  I would also welcome ideas on incorporating the accountability aspect and if anyone has any lessons in their classes that they could see this module working in combination with.  For the timing of the module, I would like to present it between the first and second interims next year-any thoughts on this time frame?  Or a better one for students?  I would like to offer a second seminar in the spring, maybe at the start of second semester, but with the intense scheduling responsibilities, I am not seeing the available time to fit that in.

As far as evaluating my module, I would like it to be evaluating based on the learning outcomes I put together in my outline.  I think that I have designed a course that meets these goals, but any feedback would be welcome.  I would also love any critique on the design, additional elements I can incorporate, ways to improve the discussion board element-any and all feedback!  The creation of this module was definitely an experience outside of my comfort zone, but I want to keep using it and welcome any input to improve it.  Thanks!


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  1. You list your learning outcomes as :

    -students will improve their perception of their confidence in their study skills, communication (ability to access resources for help), organization and time management. Students will also decrease the amount of anxiety they feel prior to testing situation and will increase their perceptions of their preparedness for assessments.

    My feedback:

    Great job on this. This was an interesting project to think about. I hadn’t considered virtual learning activities that counselors would use previously.

    Your module is structured by dates. You may want to consider structuring it by content. It allows student to quickly see what they will be doing and get a “big picture” of the module. So the first activity “October 26, 2016” could be called “Introduction and Confidence” (or something). It also just makes the module seem more interesting.

    You only need to post things that students will need. So for example in your first folder, you have an intro discussion, but it is really more like a lesson plan. You lay out what will be done, students probably dont need to see this.Same for your TPACK lesson plan.

    In the first module you have “discussion question #1” in which they report on their goals. Is this something we want to share with others? Maybe, I dont know. But the point is to always be intentional with what you are prompting students to do, and make sure your choice of technology is intentional as well.

    In your second folder (November 9) you provide several PDF documents. Why do you do this as opposed to just creating folders and entering texts? Using PDF docs, you are not able to hyperlink things and that could be really useful (definitions of words, other resources, etc) If you are using PDF or Word docs make sure you are doing this for a specific reason (like students will also need to print these out). Also are module 2 activities all grouped together for a reason? Is there a theme to that module?Also I wonder again if the discussion board topic here is something that students want to share. This is the hard thing about reviewing your module. You deal with very personal stuff and I don’t know what should be shared and what shouldn’t, what advantages of sharing these things are or aren’t. I guess this is for you to know, just make sure you are intentional in your choices of using public discussion boards. You should be able to articulate why the sharing of this information is valuable.

    Great job on this. Again, I think this was a difficult assignment for both of us, but I know I learned alot, and have even more questions in my head than before. Good luck and let me know how things pan out as you move forward in this area.

    Happy Holidays!

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I really like the idea of categorizing my content versus dates. The dates were originally used to help remind/notify students of when we were meeting, but that won’t be necessary in the future when I consolidate the module. Also, the pdf’s were pages in workbooks we used in the class. I keep the workbooks until the end (because they will either lose them or forget to bring them back) so the pdf’s were there so they would have a copy available as a resource.
      The discussion questions are there to prompt conversation with the students. In my actual module they have responded and I provide them with feedback. It is open to everyone in the group in case they have the same questions/comments and so they can see how others responded.

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