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Learning Module Outline-Captain

  1.  Learning Outcomes-students will improve their perception of their confidence in their study skills, communication (ability to access resources for help), organization and time management.  Students will also decrease the amount of anxiety they feel prior to testing situation and will increase their perceptions of their preparedness for assessments.
  2. Learning outcomes will be assessed via pre/post test measuring their perception of their confidence in their study skill abilities including organization, time management, ability to communicate with teachers, and test preparedness.
  3. The module will be presented in seven sessions during Indian Time (40 min) spanning over two marking periods.

Session 1: Introduction (10/26/16)

Introduction to the module-notify students of learning goals and make group introductions.  Explain hybrid format of Achievement Seminars.

  • Give pre-test via Schoology
  • Show video on confidence
    • why is this important?
    • discuss critical points for building confidence
  • Show video on successful person versus unsuccessful person
    • discuss differences
  • If time allows, assign study skills booklet and explain how we will use it.

Discussion Questions to be posted before Session 2:  What is one personal goal you have for yourself during these seminars (i.e. improve math test scores, set up a planner, have no missing assignments for a marking period)?  Give one example of a time during this week that you have exhibited a quality of a successful person.

Session 2:  Study Skills (11/9/16)

  • Show Video-Study Skills for people who hate to study
    • discuss how we relate to these feelings
  • Show Video-9 Scientific Study Tips
    • break into small groups and choose top 3 study tips.  Discuss why you like them best and how you plan to use them for a specific upcoming test/quiz
  • Study Skills Booklet
    • activity 1??
  • Review discussion questions from last week.
  • Reminders to continue to check in on Schoology for during week we are not meeting

Session 3:  Test Preparation and Reducing Test Anxiety (11/30/16)-I picked this topic for this week b/c it is 2 weeks before semester exams and a lot of my group is freshman and this will be their first experience with semester exams.

  • Video on test anxiety
    • discuss the physiological responses to anxiety
  • Best way to reduce test anxiety is to Be Prepared
    • handout on test taking tips
    • handout on strategies for reducing test anxiety
  • Work in small groups to discuss test taking strategies they have used in the past.  Successful or not?  Identify at least one new strategy they will put in place for upcoming test/quiz/exam

Session 4:  Time Management and Organization (1/11/17)

  • Share various options for tracking deadlines-planners, electronic alarms, online calendars
  • Give scenarios of things to get done and a timeframe and have the students work out plans for meeting deadlines

Session 5:  Communication Skills and Self-Advocacy (1/25/17)

  • Video for communication
  • Role Play in small groups to practice communication with teachers

Session 6:  Study Skills (3/1/17)

  • Review of skills and strategies we’ve discussed so far.  Favorites?  Things that have worked?  Have goals been met?
  • Give Post-Test


*The last 3 sessions are not fully developed yet.  I am still identifying resources and specific content I want to include.