Phase I: Team Building Research (3 Ideas)

  1. Candy Exchange – This is an exercise I improvised and kind of made up as a food based activity. Basically, there is a paper bag with 5 snacks inside. Members are prompted to share ideas and group goals with the team. After sharing an idea the group is to choose a snack from the bag without looking. The next person with an idea goes and also pulls front the bag. This member can either keep the item they chose or trade it with any group member who previously went and has a snack. The concept of this game is to get communication flowing, ideas going, and have fun sharing food!
  2. Balloon Walk Challenge – What we would need for this team building exercise is 4 blown up balloons to put between each of the 5 teammates. The idea of the challenge is to get in a straight line with a balloon held between each member of the group from chest-to-back. The group must make it to a certain distance without the balloons falling. The concept of this exercise is to work on cooperation, strategy, and have fun trying to complete the challenge!
  3. Alaskan Baseball – For this activity we would divide the group into 2 teams (since we have 5 members we could sub in people). One team, team A, is the “infield” and the other team, team B, is the “outfield”. Team A starts by throwing the rubber chicken (or whatever we want to use) anywhere in the designated play area. The object must be allowed to land on the ground. Once the object has been thrown, team B runs toward it and forms a single file line behind it. The first person in line picks up the object and passes it over his or her head to the person directly behind, who passes it backwards through his or her legs. This over-under pattern continues until the object has reached the end of the line and the last person yells “STOP.” This activity energizes the group and encourages us to work together.

Links to Group Members’ Team Building Exercises 





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