Phase I: Belbin’s Team Role Model

After going over and discussing the powerpoint of Belbin’s 9 team roles, our group went over which role best suited us and how we can apply those distinctions to this project. I personally thought of myself as people oriented/action oriented. A people oriented role includes being a coordinator, team worker, and resource investigator. I consider myself the coordinator of our group because I have been the person contacting the client, Kimberly Compton, and relaying information on meeting times and dates to the team. I’m also a team worker because when the group is together I try and facilitate the activity we are doing whether it be team building or discussing ideas. I’m definitely not sitting back and listening, I’m doing more of listening and talking up any ideas. I am a resource investigator as well because I pull up the assignments readily when we are unsure of a deadline or task, and I’m thorough in making sure we are completing everything required for the assignment. I would consider myself a little bit of an action oriented person as well because I am about getting things done, done right, and on time. I can also be a bit of a monitor or evaluator, making sure our group is on the right track to getting things done.

Our group seems to have a mix of Belbin’s roles. All of the roles seem to be covered so I don’t think we will have to compensate for a one not being filled. Our group plans on handling potential problems by being cooperative and hearing everyone out. Like Belbin’s Team Model shows, there are a variety of different personalities and parts of a team.

Jason (people oriented/action oriented)

Haley (thought oriented/action oriented)

Cathy (people oriented/action oriented)

Meaghan (thought oriented/action oriented)


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  1. Belbin further breaks down the 3 broad categories in the powerpoint. Did you see this? It appears you fall in 2 of 3 categories — but you needed to look at the specific ROLES in the categories.

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