“Lunchtime Is All Yours” – Michael Moss

In Michael Moss’s Salt, Sugar, Fat he goes in depth about the creation of the infamous Lunchables which our nation has grown to know and love. I can remember being a kid and loving lunchables. I think it started when I saw kids at school who had them, and then of course I was pleading my mom to buy me and my brother some to take for lunch. They are the perfect packed lunch. A colorful box with crackers and cheese, nachos with cheese and salsa, or my personal favorite the make-your-own pizza. A kid’s dream lunch topped off with a capri-sun and m&ms for dessert. Easy enough for a parent to pick up from the store and easy enough to stop kids’ crying that they don’t want another PB&J for lunch! What is disguised as the next best thing, is probably the worst thing you could be feeding your growing children. Lunchables is nothing but high in salt, sugar, and fat, and according to Moss tricking people into consuming the hell out of them is just what the Oscar Meyer product line did.

I think what is most disgusting about Lunchables, is not the plastic cheese that is sold in every box, but the fact that its target consumer is children. Oscar Meyer’s marketing team were really scraping at the bottom of the barrel if they had to pick at the weak. A kid has a one-track mind, and that’s having the coolest thing at the moment. Oscar Meyer saw an opportunity and took it without thinking of the consequences. After the launch of Lunchables, the young generation’s health took a turn for the worst. Obesity was at an all time high. Not that you can put total blame on the Lunchable brand, but its the idea of food it’s representing.

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