Make #7 – Flyers & Social Media

We completed this make when our group participated in the Baker’s Crust fundraising event for ReEstablish Richmond. We made flyers, table handouts with information about the organization, a Facebook event with extra social media advertisements to entice people to go to the event. It was a collaborative effort by our group to get everything done before the baker’s crust event, and the night ended up being a huge success!

We felt the social media played big part in the fundraiser’s success and the turn out was all due to our efforts. Getting the word out to people is important if you want your cause to be heard. Even the media at the event such as the handouts and socially interacting with the customers helped the organization gain exposure. The connections we made over social media and through literature turned out to be a very powerful strategy!


RR Event Flyer


Handout (front and back)





You Can Help!-2


Facebook Page

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 8.16.59 PM

Facebook Cover Photo

RR Event Cover Photo

About three days before the event Haley and I posted the flyers around Carytown and the VCU campus to get the word out!










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