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Hi! My name is William Kenefick, and I am currently studying to be a physical therapist. I was born and raised in Fairfax, Virginia, where I attended Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, the top-ranked public high school in the nation. Throughout childhood, I played soccer, basketball, and swimming at a highly competitive level, resulting in many accolades but also many injuries. During rehabilitation from my numerous injuries, I developed an interest in and respect for the work of physical therapists. I interned for a physical therapist at an outpatient orthopedic PT clinic the Summer before my senior year of high school, but by that point I was already intent on becoming an engineer. After one year of classes at Virginia Tech as a mechanical engineer, I realized my true passion was not for engineering but for physical therapy. Thus, I switched my degree to a B.S. in Human Nutrition, Food, and Exercise (with a minor in Psychology) and changed my career path to physical therapy. I graduated from Virginia Tech in 3 years with summa cum laude honors in May of 2021, and I am currently a first-year student in the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Outside of the classroom, I have spent time trying to become more immersed in the physical therapy profession. Aside from the aforementioned internship in high school, I also interned for a pediatric physical therapist who specializes in hippotherapy (the use of horseback riding to build core strength and better engage children in their treatment) in the Summer of 2020. The prior Summer, in 2019, I worked with the athletic trainers responsible for the Virginia Tech football program, where I learned relevant sports-related treatments such as how to properly tape ankles and wrists to avoid sprains. Currently, I am the APTA Virginia representative for my DPT class, which enables me to learn in-depth about the logistical side of physical therapy, as well as exciting new research in the field. This coming Summer, I will be working as a physical therapy technician at an outpatient orthopedic PT clinic in Richmond, where I hope to learn more functional knowledge about the profession and further my interpersonal skills when interacting with patients.

As it stands, I am open to several different physical therapy settings, including outpatient orthopedic PT, outpatient neurological PT, sports PT, and geriatric PT. I am also interested in the idea of travel PT, as I love to travel. In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer and basketball with friends, working out, watching movies, and reading. I am always looking for good books to read, so if you have any in mind, feel free to leave a comment below! Thank you.

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