“Independent research on body-worn camera technology is urgently needed. Most of the claims made by advocates and critics of the technology remain untested. Federal agencies that support research and development should consider providing funding streams for comprehensive research and evaluation of body-worn camera systems. Researchers should examine all aspects of the implementation and impact of the technology—from its perceived civilizing effect, evidentiary benefits, and impact on citizen perceptions of police legitimacy to its consequences for privacy rights, the law enforcement agency, and other outside stakeholders. (10)”

I like this nugget because much like my previous source, it talks about the fact that these cameras have little research to credit them as being truly beneficial. I like how this nugget talks about what researchers should do and look for when this time comes. This is helpful to me because It allows me to get a better glimpse of what the assumptions of these cameras are. It helps me to see what people think versus what is actually empirically tested. In terms of ethical aspects, It mentions the consequences that could come of them.

The dreamer’s article that I am connecting this to is “Augmenting Human Intellect.” In this piece, Engelbart talks a lot about the growing complexity of problems that humans are having and how there is a need for innovations in order for us to keep up. This is really important because it exemplifies what these cameras do. The problem is police brutality and the abuse of discretion, and the solution is the innovation of these cameras. Engelbart would say that much like any other new advancement, there are problems and challenges to account for. In this case, a large part of it is privacy. There are a lot of challenges that these cameras bring with them, but there are a lot of problems with most new creative technology.


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