Double Consciousness

In our society it is hard to not let race play a factor in most situations that individuals are in. When discussing W.E.B DuBois theory of African American and double consciousness, it made me think of how many situations African Americans have to apply this theory every day. This theory explains the thought process of most Africans Americans but also can apply to any group or cluster of people. I agree the strongest example of double consciousness is with the daily life of an African Americans. It’s funny because when getting this topic for the blog, I noticed how I sometimes apply it to situations recently. When I was at work I brought up to my coworker my fraternity which is predominately black but does not exclude any minority and has members of all races. He asked me “Hey so can I come join your fraternity or will they not let me because I’m white”. There were other co-workers present and they started to laugh. I didn’t feel bad but part of me felt embarrassed and self-critical about the joke which goes hand in hand with theory and how powerful it is. Now I knew that he was not being malicious with what he said and was just trying to just get a laugh out of the crowd but the fact I had to analyze shows me how I embraced the theory itself.

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