Chris Rock view

Chris rock was offended by how serious our society is taking certain topics. He felt that colleges are too conservative and have changed over the years. He stated that he noticed this around 8 years ago when performing at colleges. The article on the interview that spoke on how he stated college students are are being politically correct in all aspects of life. Which he feels should not be the result off all things. I kind of agree with him,our society especially the younger generation care about the wrong things. I love the awareness that is going on in light of recent events as far Michael brown death or the Eric Gardner death and would be upset if a comedian made a joke about them. Comedians are known to cross the line but we have to understand that this is their profession. When Foucault spoke on the way power can possibly hurt us yet we yearn for it is shown through the college kids. There is nothing wrong with explaining your view on a topic whether you find it funny or not but when you are doing it just to express power is not fair. It is exactly what could bring down our society and is shown daily even small as a comedian performance.

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