Texting My Dream

Navdy is a heads-up display device for use while operating your automotive vehicle. It was designed by optical engineers, who were seeking to create the most natural driving experience possible. It includes a wide range of core features, including turn-by-turn navigation and car diagnostics as well as presentation for playing music, texting, initiating and accepting calls, etc. The potential for easy and efficient access to mobile apps and communicative means is made possible without drawing one’s attention from the road ahead. The combination of touchless gesture controls and voice recognition creates a truly extraordinary experience like no other.

In today’s society, it is often tempting and inevitable for allowing yourself to become distracted while driving. Focus can be shifted to texting and phone calls without much thought as to the resulting consequences. Navdy is now available for providing a collaboration of these efforts in order to provide the safest and most efficient driving experience.

Through this inquiry project, I hope to obtain an extensive understanding and share knowledge about this web-object. The virtual world that has developed throughout recent decades is being further extended with this digital device. I have no personal experience with Navdy. However, from a first glance at it’s website, I will be considering whether or not to purchase this item for myself. Having said that, I do hope to determine the various pros and cons presented. Therefore, this web-object brings much excitement and eagerness for the coming weeks.


Integrated Domain Concept Experience

During class on Monday 09/14, we got into groups of 3 and discussed our blog posts regarding Engelbart’s article. We collaborated quotes and statements from our individual posts through a thought process involving a thorough conceptual analysis. This allowed for us to developed many new thoughts and ideas:

How significantly have machines affected society throughout the past few decades?  Where would we be without them?

How extreme is the dependency level on machines today? More specifically, younger generations are experiencing a drastically different upbringing. On the other hand, different does not necessarily infer good or bad.

Life in the United States has been constantly progressing since the Industrial Revolution of the nineteenth century. However, since the turn of the twenty-first century in particular, many extensions of “machines” have taken place. For example, automotive vehicles have taken more precedence in hybrid forms. Secondly, wireless communication has soared through the means of mobile phone technology. Thirdly, music has moved past the old-fashioned style of pen and paper. Synthesizers and macbooks are now commonly utilized for developing the technical and expressive aspects of sound production. Each of these changes has transformed our ways of thinking and functioning on a daily basis.

It was interesting to see how creatively and effectively our group developed new thoughts based on our blog posts about the same article. Simple and basic ideas were expanded into complex discussions with new conclusions and open-ended statements.


Augmenting Human Intellect

There were many quotes throughout this article which stood out to me. “The writing machine and its flexible copying capability would occupy you for a long time if you tried to exhaust the reverberating chain of associated possibilities for making useful innovations within your capability hierarchy” (Chapter II Part A). Engelbart made numerous implications throughout this article. Over 50 years ago, he was able to accurately anticipate the inevitable technological advancements to come. This progress has captivated our curiosity and creativity for several decades since then.

More specifically, printers have become a necessary means for success within most educational and professional settings. They are useful for printing, copying, scanning and faxing. This quote resonates strongly with me because of how innovative our society has become through means of technology. We have become more successful and efficient. Engelbart was brilliant for making these predictions!

Progress Report/Reflection

I have experienced minimal struggle with this class other than keeping up with the due dates sometimes. Since I have not previously participated in online blogging, I was not as accustomed to daily blog posting until beginning this class. Having said that, it has allowed me to improve my skills with such activities.

I have enjoyed our class discussions on various topics because they have helped me improve my critical thinking and communication abilities. Forming new thoughts and ideas is a significant life skill and this class is beginning to broaden my horizons for embracing new ways of thinking.

Thus far, there are two blogs which have stood out to me in particular: jroth and minky. Each of them have demonstrated great understanding of the articles we have read and discussed by composing blog posts with profound statements that flow with ease.

Formulated vs. Formulative

During our last class meeting, we all did a critical thinking activity, which required each of us to get together with another classmate. Upon collaborating with my partner, we had to evaluate something most would assume to be vague and/or obvious. However, our statement – “machines function” – was easily expanded upon, leading to numerous realizations.

Online research led to an NYU article entitled: “Can machines think?” By skimming through this article, we were able to begin a further extension of our thought process. “What role does artificial intelligence play in society? Will artificial and human intelligence evolve together or will our natural way of thinking be left behind? How much can we trust machines? How much are robots capable of? What if robots take over our mainstream career fields? What are humans left to do? How much control will humans sustain over artificial intelligence?” Our discussion led to a conclusive apprehension that machines have potential for causing disaster and chaos in society.

It is astounding to me how much one simple statement can be expanded. Our opening statement was vague enough to give way for other topics to be discussed. Thus, we were able to gain a greater understanding for performing research in a quick and efficient way, especially with the assistance of computer technology.

Man-Computer Symbiosis

“Man-computer symbiosis is probably not the ultimate paradigm for complex technological systems. It seems entirely possible that, in due course, electronic or chemical “machines” will outdo the human brain in most of the functions we now consider exclusively within its province.” – Linklider

The author seems as though he is directing his writing toward exactly what has become the present day with technology. He made accurate predictions which have quickly transformed into reality throughout the past few decades. His profound thought process about machines and how they operate is informing and almost baffling.

Machines have begun to take over our lives through means of computers and smart phones. This extension of technology has given way to a great deal of automation for completing tasks that used to be done by paid employees. Sure, there is a new economy with various jobs for those building machines, robots, computers, etc. However, it begs the question of how much artificial intelligence already has and will become an overwhelming presence throughout today’s society. Will humans simply lose career opportunities because of this movement or will our natural way of thinking be left behind and forgotten entirely? The extraordinary functioning processes, which machines are becoming capable of performing, are more than likely going to bring about chaos and destruction of society as we know it. The thought of artificial intelligence eventually taking precedence is just terrifying.

Associative Trails

The posts by Minky and Lanstra led me to develop new ideas regarding “As We May Think”. Scientific technology has unquestionably improved our way of life by making our everyday tasks simple. In ways it did have a positive impact, but also a negative one as well. It provided us a more efficient way to communicate with one another from further distances through computers, phones, and the internet. Technology destructively affected our social patterns and the way we interact by limiting our direct communication with others. Both of these posts refer to the same quote from the article and equally agree in that technology is impacting our society drastically, but we should be cautious as to how much we let it consume our lives through means of iPhones, macs, etc.