Computer Lib/Dream Machine

“It is imperative for many reasons that the appalling gap between public and computer insider be closed. As the saying goes, war is too important to be left to the generals. Guardianship of the computer can no longer be left to a priesthood. I see this as just one example of the creeping evil of Professionalism, the control of aspects of society by cliques of insiders. There may be some chance, though, that Professionalism can be turned around. Doctors, for example, are being told that they no longer own people’s bodies.”

Ted Nelson expresses his ideas about computers through the use of metaphors and this is just one example of such. Throughout his writing, he criticizes the way people approached the use of computer technology during that time. He effectively anticipated and put into perspective how necessary computer-assisted technology would become. It would become incredibly useful for the improvement of our educational system here in the United States. Machines were establishing new forms of teaching and learning methods, which were crucial during that time. Nelson stated that one’s mental capacity would not only change drastically in the “near future” but also improve greatly. This implication is powerful because of how much we now depend on computers in our present-day society, It is also baffling to me that what is now used for work, school, social media and just about every possible task was only used within a “priesthood” for several decades because of its powerful ambiance. This particular quote from Nelson’s writing made me stop and wonder what society would be like today if people hadn’t stepped out of their comfort zone. What if computers hadn’t become such a worldwide phenomenon? How far behind would our education system still be?