Drafting with Groupthink

Online social networking has become a common pastime for the youth of today’s society. This form of social media offers individuals a portal for communication and entertainment. Most recently, the mobile app called After School has soared in popularity since its emergence in late 2014. It has nearly taken precedence over Facebook and Twitter and in such a short time. With the virtual world expanding, there are always potential risks to consider. After School consists of an anonymous message board. This allows for inappropriate behavior to escalate along  with the onslaught of cyberbullying. This app is no different than other prominent social media sites. How far will people allow this technological takeover to continue? Confessions, secrets, and criticisms are being declared openly and anonymously. Thus, many young people are left feeling uncomfortable, distressed, and some even threatened. Cyberbullying can be limited more effectively through user awareness, parental monitoring, and legal regulations.

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