Core Connections

For the purposes of this assignment, my topic for the ACAP is #haterz. My primary text is the After School mobile app that has emerged in popularity since it was released in November of 2014. The two readings which I will be referencing in my paper are chapter 2 from Shirky and chapter 2 by Gladwell. In “Sharing Anchors Community”, Shirky expresses the idea that the hierarchal organizations of workplaces have transformed along with recent technological advancements. A wider range of people are connected, which can result in more success and profit in business ventures. With the anonymous message board on After School, more teenagers are being exploited for their shortcomings and embarrassing moments. The concept of hierarchy thrives in U.S. high schools. While technology has expanded connections it has also perpetuated cultural norms within schools. I want to compare and contrast the hierarchy in businesses versus schools. In “The Law of the Few”, Gladwell explains how word-of-mouth epidemics can spread depending on the nature of the messenger. In relation to the app, teenagers typically have a role of being a connector, maven or salesman. Based on these characters, each person can have a varying influence on their peers through anonymous interactions.

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