Sourcing My Dream #5

Letendre, J. (2014). Cyberbullying Through the New Media: Findings from an International Network by Smith, P. K., and Steffgen, G. Social Work with Groups, 37(4), 351-353.

Book Review


The book examines cyberbullying and identifies steps for macro- and microlevel intervention and resolution. There is emphasis on the broad range, public forum and anonymity along with parent’s lack of knowledge. The claim is made that in any country there is larger system that surrounds cyberbullying besides just the users and occasionally their parents. It also includes the media, law enforcement, and the technology industry (page 352).

“…the empowerment of youth in the problem-solving process and the importance of adults in helping youth to develop healthy norms for interaction in online forums” are two significant factors when it comes to rectifying and further preventing the public problem of cyberbullying.” (Page 351).

“Cyberbullying, like face-to-face bullying, has enormous impact on youth whether they perpetrators, victims, or bystanders, and their involvement in solving the problem is essential.” (Page 352).

“The media’s focused and shallow attention is consistent with the negative portrayal of youth and a focus on aggressive or sexualized behaviors. This type of coverage increases fear in adults and creates a climate of ‘moral panic’ that fosters the pressure to punish rather than focus on educating and supporting youth in developing behaviors that will prevent or intervene in the problem of cyberbullying.” (Page 352).

“…the recognition that cyberbullying, though a distressing and harmful problem in today’s world of increased technological communication, can be understood.” (Page 353).

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  1. Some of these quotes say stuff we basically know — i.e cyberbullying has an enormous effect on everyone. By late in research you should be pulling out quotes very specific to your research question, and focusing on new information you don’t already know after having read 4 previous sources. :/

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