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The posts by Minky and Lanstra led me to develop new ideas regarding “As We May Think”. Scientific technology has unquestionably improved our way of life by making our everyday tasks simple. In ways it did have a positive impact, but also a negative one as well. It provided us a more efficient way to communicate with one another from further distances through computers, phones, and the internet. Technology destructively affected our social patterns and the way we interact by limiting our direct communication with others. Both of these posts refer to the same quote from the article and equally agree in that technology is impacting our society drastically, but we should be cautious as to how much we let it consume our lives through means of iPhones, macs, etc.


“As We May Think”

“They have increased his control of the material environment. They have improved his food, his clothing, his shelter; they have increased his security and released him partly from the bondage of bare existence”  

This passage comes from within the first paragraph of page 1. It resonates strongly with me because of how directly the author addressed his overall theme from the very beginning of his writing. This was a time when technological advancements were not yet being doubted, denied or questioned, but rather desired and pursued. Bush made an excellent point by emphasizing that the extensions of science had brought about drastic changes for society that he knew would immensely impact the future for everyone. It is astounding to me looking back on how this article was composed 70 years ago and yet such accurate predictions were already being made about the modern day. Our society has certainly progressed from its ancient roots. Our physiological and psychological functions have expanded over the years. However, the question of whether these functions have genuinely improved our everyday lives or just simply altered them. Bare existence cannot always be viewed as bondage either. Otherwise, how are people still capable of appreciating activities such as camping and other adventures that involve “living off the land”, especially without any phones or other forms of wireless assistance? It is challenging to decide whether I fully support or oppose the author’s view just because of how controversial this particular statement truly is.




While performing research for this topic, it was difficult to narrow down what specific concrete details should be relevantly included within my paper in order to clearly support my claim! This was the toughest challenge I faced because of the fact that the usage of neuroenhancers has become so incredibly common among people my age. Thus, there are hundreds of articles, journals and books out there that publish the information I was searching. Now just narrowing down the most significant things had to be done.

I realized during this research process that there are at least three significant concerns involving usage of neuroenhancers, which I could include and explain in order to support my claim that they are unethical. I already was passionately against the idea of ever using these substances, nor would I actually be willing to try them someday. But now more than ever before, I can boldly and confidently say that I could never even consider it. My research helped me to discover new data and information and statistics which I was never previously aware of. It is hard to just ignore the obvious signs and put my own health at risk, while also degrading myself. I am proud to say that learning new things excites me. Going to my classes is something I thoroughly enjoy doing not just because of degree requirements. Learning is a significant part of life and it makes us who we are. It helps us to further improve and mature ourselves. Life is beautiful and I couldn’t imagine deteriorating  the very thing for which education is based upon. It is also sad to see so many of my peers become not only dependent on these pills for their own success but also experiencing situations of addiction and withdrawel.  I can only hope that those who I share this paper with and allow to read will become more open-minded and aware of such an ever-increasing dilemma within our society today.


I made the decision to compose my unit 3 paper discussing how ethical it is for using neuroenhancing drugs. While these kind of stimulating substances have become popular throughout the past decade, there are many significant concerns which I plan on exploring through my research and addressing by writing this paper.

I have always been intrigued by those who choose to take pills like Adderall in order to achieve good grades in schools. Some of my closest friends have become extremely dependent on these substances for their academic success! It goes without saying that this is indeed a disturbing development which has become a common practice throughout the past decade. So many people experience various forms of pressure from parents and competition with peers during their adolescent years. We are all being pushed by our professors to present the best quality work possible in order to receive an A or B in a course or even just for a specific assignment.

I’m sure many students here at VCU are stressed out enough just because of the fact that they are going through the first year away from their families and loved ones. College is no piece of cake or walk in the park with academic classes along with part-time and full-time work schedules at times. The reasoning is obvious for why students take pills like Adderall and Ritalin in order to get by. However, I want to be bold enough to speak out against their usage especially when not entirely necessary. Students need to feel pressure in order to succeed! They also need to be challenged by professors to learn the most and achieve their best academic potential while here. If college was easy then we wouldn’t be spending tens of thousands of dollars in order to be here!


The in-class lecture about contemporary issue was extremely helpful when going through the thought process of researching various ethical topics for the unit 3 paper. It allowed for me to develop and explore new ideas based upon what other people were saying during the class discussion. I have always been passionate about ethics, but I was initially torn when it came to choosing my topic for this research paper.

After a few days of extensive research, I was able to narrow now my topic choices to music education in public schools and the usage of neuroenhancing drugs. As I went through my high school, I experienced what is becoming an expanding limitation on financial support for music education. I participated in both choir and orchestra throughout all four years of high school so this subject really hit home to me. I have always felt anger when reading articles online about Virginia and other states making budget cuts for educational funding and music is almost always the first thing to be cut or limited! However, I could not come to pursue researching this topic further. I do not feel as though I could fairly approach and present any kind of counterargument within this topic. Thus, I decided to write my paper about the morality of using neuroenhancing drugs instead.

Blog Post #4

This past week in class we as students were given the wonderful opportunity/challenge of planning out and scheduling all of unit 3. However, with that freedom comes a great deal of responsibility. I personally respect this teaching mechanism because it allows for those of us who are actively participating to have a significant voice in how we go about discussing and learning about ethics throughout the remainder of this semester. I do feel bad for the introverts in class too because they always seem too socially awkward to participate. On the other hand, we all have time outside of class to prepare what we are going to say by reading over the five ethical approaches and making ourselves aware of articles and contemporary issues that apply accordingly. I happen to love debating and ethics is a subject which I enjoy discussing and learning about as well. I do feel that I may have somewhat of an advantage over some of my classmates because of past courses which have given me knowledge and experience with the subject. But I’m certainly looking forward to hearing everyone else voice their opinions and broadening my views to consider counter-arguments. I can be strongly opinionated at times but I like to hear the views and perspectives from others about ethical topics as well.

Blog Post #3

I have really enjoyed the class discussions during FI class thus far. They have helped many others and I to perform deeper thinking and analysis about various topics mentioned throughout discussion. It also has allowed me to develop new ideas for my unit paper that I’m currently working on. The first two individual presentations were amazing as well. Grace’s explanation about the pointe shoes especially captivated my attention because I used to dance for 10 years. Ballet was a significant part of my life throughout my childhood and early adolescence so it was nice to hear someone else express how truly passionate they are about it!

UNIV 112 Blog Post #2

Focus Inquiry has been great so far! I enjoyed doing the small group presentations because it helped us to perform more in-depth analysis of a specific chapter Radioactive. I realized how obvious the connection was between the chapter titles and text within. I have really enjoyed reading this book!!

UNIV 112 Blog Post #1

The first week of this class was pretty dry to be honest… Just the basic stuff going over the syllabus and what not was hard to keep my focus and attention. However, I did enjoy viewing the YouTube video Mr. Nelson showed us during class because it put into perspective some of the things we will be focusing on throughout this semester. I also found myself very intrigued while reading through radioactive! It is such a great book and I love the underlying metaphors within each chapter!