Dreamers Unite! (wk 2)

blogiStockphoto16682275-1383665693520Dreamers Unite!.

The website of Neurotechnology, is an excellent description of the evoling communication of neurotechnology and technology. This topic is of most interest to me because neurology is a form of communication as well as technology. It is how my peers and I have the ability to communicate online.

Technology is meant to aid with human interactions, but people are becoming heavily dependent on technology.

My research will aim to prove the pro’s and con’s, and more precisely demonstrate how technology and our minds are forming a new style of communication

3 thoughts on “Dreamers Unite! (wk 2)”

  1. Hi there! Glad to see you here and on Twitter (which is how I found you). I have a great personal interest in this topic myself and I’m keen to see where your inquiry takes you and what you make of it.

    Your point about this very class being an example of neurotechnology is a great insight. It also makes me think of a book called World Wide Mind by Michael Chorost. He’s on Twitter, too. If you’re interested, you could download one of those Amazon “free samples” and read the first chapter of his book. He dreams about a time when neurotechnology can lead to a better and more empathic world. A deeply moving book, for me.

    Again, thanks for an insightful post!

    1. Good Evening!

      I have never read this seemingly interesting book. I will. Thank you for the reference. I’m glad you connect to my topic and is interested in Neurotechnology yourself. Is it the process of communication that interest you, or?

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