The Interpretation of Dreams (wk 2)

The Interpretation of Dreams.


The core of my interest lie within processing communication. The most rapidly evolving form of communication is Neurotechnology. Within the past 20 years it has made a significant influence on society. Neurotechnology is relevant in society, pharmaceutical drugs. It affects nearly all industrialized people either directly or indirectly.

 In Layman terms Communication between nerve cells, Neurons must continuously gather information about the internal state of the organism and its external environment, evaluate this information, and coordinate activities appropriate to the situation and to the person’s current needs. This process of communication intrigues me because it is similar to the process of computer wiring both are organized.

 A closer look into my research uncovered Digital Data Communication through the Human Body for Biomedical Monitoring Sensor. ‘Data communication between body mounted sensors is progressing towards wireless monitoring networks. In this work, digital data communication by galvanic coupling through the body is presented as a promising approach for wireless intra-body communication.’

 Much further in the future I ponder of whether digital and communication will be inseparable. More so I fathom the speed of communication, its growth, and most significantly will our technologies communicate with human nervous system directly? This process of communication has begun the evolution of Neurotechnology.

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