Panning for Nuggets (wk 3)

Nugget 1: I find this nugget to be very informing because it elaborate the connection of mobility, technology, and communication. Communication and technology has become inseparable because of flexibility. For instance (at home) while preparing to go to class I get an email from my professor explaining what we will be covering in class. Something as simple as an email, will determine my mood going into class, expectations, and resources I need to be ready for class. This is a powerful source because I could retain more information from my class session from being prepared, vs. not receiving an email, being unprepared, and having a negative mood while in class due to not being prepared. Which connects to my second nugget.

Nugget 2: Explain how communication will advance, and some things we can never replace which is human interaction.¬†Although emailing, texting, etc could be of good use. My outcome could default if I interpret the communication being sent wrong. The professor could have simply misplaced a period or forgotten a word or two (not saying it’s possible) and my preparation would go to waste because of misinterpretation of communication. Therefore it is possible we will create better communication to help us reason and inform one another but it will come with the removal of human interaction. ¬†What also intrigue’s me about digital communication are the connections I associate with a digital text from someone. For instance if my mom sends me a text ending in a phrase she use repetitively in person, when I read it I will associate how she interpret it in person from the text. I believe this is neuroconnection that we as humans develop with our personal relationships/communications that will never dwindle.

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