Reflection (wk 3)


Throughout my research I have not discovered a dramatic connection between my thoughts on my nuggets, concept experience with diigo, and students’ thoughts on theirs. What I have discovered are topics that relate in some distinct manner on my topic. To list a few:

Cabou200 (section 005) argued how social networking keep people connected, relate to my inquiry project of language connecting people mentally. Alternatively The KahnQuest inquiry project of communication is very detailed and gives a breakdown of social interacting, I believe The KahnQuest (section 006) project connect with my inquiry of language because language form communication. Finally Mirna (section 006) described how research is helping immobile individuals regain their mobility, which reference a breakthrough of technology this connect not perfectly but somewhat to my ‘Extending my Dream‘ in which I list artificial organs. I believe Mirna project can connect to my area of artificial organs because if technology can restore mobility to someone paralyzed I’m certain it can aid in the transplant of artificial organs, maybe in the future maybe even they will start transplanting the nervous system.

In reflection, I can use Diigo to my benefit by bookmarking my research and sharing it with a larger audience, and hopefully individuals who are researching a similar topic will give their input. I can also alter a few of my tags to make them more specific.

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