Panning for Nuggets (Wk 4)

Nugget 1: This McNugget is so interesting because it proves in a way that technology is advancing. Scientist has told the public for many years that artificial neuro systems could not be implanted. Having a brainstem implant (which is the area that transmit information to the brain) is a major successful, this nugget keeps me hopeful for future neurotechnology.

Nugget 2: Brain to Brain connects to my above post of the brain stem implant because I assume within future technology a small chip or molecular piece could inhibit the brain stem which is the stem that transmit information to the brain and from the brain to the body. More over the article  discuss the pros and cons of this advancement also the tedious work behind the engineering process.

Nugget 3: My above nuggets all interconnect with this nugget, which describe mind to mind communication. It’s interesting to think of how mind to mind gaming will evolve, the article describe the benefits that medicine will uncover with neurotechnology in which a signal that is induced from the doctor to the area that needs to be improved cured  will be light work vs surgery and the healing  process will happen naturally.

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