Portable Engelbart (wk 4)

Both Nuggets I have chosen are from

Chapter II, “Conceptual Framework,” parts A (“General”) and B (“The Basic Perspective”)

1. Normonique Williams: “Language–the way in which the individual parcels out the picture of his world into the concepts that his mind uses to model that world, and the symbols that he attaches to those concepts and uses in consciously manipulating the concepts (“thinking”).” II, Part A

My Paraphrase: Learning is in the form of communication. Neurotechnology has the potential to enhance our personal communication inside and outside (how we interpret) our body.


2. Mariah Kahn: (general) “The individual does not use this information and this processing to grapple directly with the sort of complex situation in which we seek to give him help. He uses his innate capabilities in a rather more indirect fashion, since the situation is generally too complex to yield directly to his motor actions, and always too complex to yield comprehensions and solutions from direct sensory inspection and use of basic cognitive capabilities. For instance, an aborigine who possesses all of our basic sensory-mental-motor capabilities, but does not possess our background of indirect knowledge and procedure, cannot organize the proper direct actions necessary to drive a car through traffic, request a book from the library, call a committee meeting to discuss a tentative plan, call someone on the telephone, or compose a letter on the typewriter.”

My Paraphrase: Technology and human can never be at one because technology does not have the capability to transform human stimulus/reaction system not interpret the communication purely.


I chose to elaborate on Kahn’s nugget because it connects to my topic of Neurotechnology indirectly. I believe Kahn argument is that technology and human can never be one because technology is not the same as the human.  Which will lead to misinterpreted information. While my argument is that learning is formed from communication, in which Neurotechnology can advance communication if there is a bond directly from the brain, for instance mind to mind.

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