First Annual State of the Blog Address (wk 5)

My Fellow Americans,

The state in which my project currently reside is to follow the path of Neurotechnology with a focus toward medical/health advancements. Within the first couple of weeks my focus of research was toward Neurotechnology’s influence between human communication. The idea of Neurotechnology enhancing the style of communication an individual expressed to another was my focus within the third week. Within the fourth week  I stumbled open an article that uncovered Neurotechnology sending electric pulse(s) from the brain to heal an area of the body that is unhealthy rather physically or mentally I find to be incredible. Therefore my project has evolved into the concentration of Neurotechnology and healing. I question that if Neurotechnology were a focus within the medical field, would the health professional be projected as the healer or would the technology control the health professional and the device itself be viewed as the healer.

My research in focus of medical Neurotechnology has been a breeze, it seems biomedical engineers have been working on an advanced piece of Neurotechnology since the 90’s and that it’s progress has been revolutional.

To close, I would like to thank Professor Coats, for his advise. In our conference we discussed what information would benefit my project description. He also guided me to the path of medical Neurotechnology with the example he gave of ‘he and his wife visit to the doctor. His wife was pregnant and they went to have a sonograph of the child . Coasts described there was a Sonographer and a Sonographist, the difference is the Sonographer controlled the imaging machine, translated the information to the Sonographist and the Sonographist translated the information to Mr. and Mrs. Coats. I found this appealing because the monographer had to study the machine which translate information into codes (another form of language) that health professionals will have to learn as Neurotechnology continue to progress.

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  1. This is a very interesting topic I think, because as our technology progresses, and becomes cheaper to make, we will see it exponentially in our life time. Especially in the medical field, were Neurotechnology is extremely needed in order to help patients with difficult procedures. I also I would look into Nanotechnology in with helping treat neurological problems, as I can see this happening in the future

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