Filling my Toolbox (wk 6)

1. Douglas Engelbart, Augmenting Human Intellect,

2. Alan Kay and Adele Goldberg, Personal Dynamic Media,

3.  Stephen Pierzchala, Whats the Future of Communication,

4. Ted Nelson,  From Computer Lib/ Dream Machines,

5. Mojmir Babacek, Unified Communications,

6. Aaron Hammond, Only Time Will Tell If Human and Technology Become Inseparable,

7. Zack Lynch, Neurotechnology and Society (2010-2060),

8. Michal Behar,  Can the Nervous System Be Hacked?,

Real Estate Search (wk 6)

Then, write a short blog post addressing where you intend to make a home for your Inquiry Project and why.  Key Question: What does your selected platform provide you to best create your Inquiry Project, and why?

After spending about 3 hours of viewing potential homes for my inquiry project, I have circled back to Mostly because I have already familiarized myself with the website settings, they satisfy how I will like to project my information, and it’s a comfortably easy website to use. My platform allow me to have every information, media, video, or image that will get my point across most clearly. In a path that is easy for viewers to follow. I do  not want my audience to become confused as to where to read next and rampages has helped me accomplish this.

Interior Design and Dreaming (wk 6)

What is typically understood about my topic is that neurotechnology will involve some form of nano chip being placed on your brain. But that is not the case, technology is another that enhance your situational circumstances and this can be achieved via more routes than a nano chip.

The biggest obstacle I have began to face with my project is that ambiguous idea of it. A large audience has not wrapped their mind around enhancing our existence via neurotechnology. It’s significant that we fix the problem because in order to accomplish this technology we must have support. And it will take the whole as a species to evolve. Although the research I have conduced suggest that the biggest problem will be first understanding how to connect the technology via mental systems if we do not understand a vast majority of the system to began.

What I believe people should embrace instead of the nano chip given   that a large audience has not wrapped their mind around enhancing our existence via neurotechnology we should consider what we know how to control and that is chemicals. So that neurotechnology will be a form of chemical reaction in the brain that enhance our evolution of existence.

I would like to focus on how the technology will effect our learning, communication, and depths of knowledge (conscious/unconscious (dreams)/mind).

Project Prospectus (wk 5)

My observation has been broadened since I have begun my project in Neurotechnology. The most interesting information is about dreaming. Mostly because it is believed to allow us to live out anything imaginable. Psychologist and Neuroscientist are the focal attributes to what information we have of dreaming so far. It’s intriguing to believe someday we will enhance neurotechnology to discover the meaning of many parts of the brain we do not understand.

My latest discovery in research is that scientist still do not understand where dream formation began nor what area of the brain controls it. Well whom else can control dreaming than the brain?

I wonder how long it will take to discover the full meaning/potential of the brain. What I believe to be significantly intriguing is that possibly our brain has  depths of the universe, where as astronomers are consistently discovering new planets mostly through technology not direct contact i believe we will have to take the same approach with neurotechnology to understand our brain uncovered depths.

What I would like to show through my complete investigation is the potential that neurotechnology can uncover. How the technology will advance us and evolve our existence.

What Will I Dream (wk 1)

I enjoy my dreams, but the are often so broadly creative that it is difficult to describe them. What I love about the web is if you can’t express something clearly you have visual aids like videos that could translate exactly what you are thinking to a lot of people. The web is exciting because it is human to connect and programs such as twitter, Facebook, and other social media allow us to connect with one another faster. No No No!