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Diigo Dynamics

my brain's fault. (when I see the site 'diigo' reminds me of the cartoons...I had to watch endlessly with my little brother.)
my brain’s fault. (when I see the site ‘diigo’ reminds me of the cartoons…I had to watch endlessly with my little brother.)

After surfing a tidal wave on diigo, I have found an interesting amount of sources that may be useful for my Neurotechnology project. Here’s a list:

1. The Developing Social Brain

2. Are We Losing Our Ability To Think Critically

3. Teacher Technology Adoption

4. How Technology Changes Everything, and Nothing in Psychology

5. How Technology has Transformed Medicine

6. Digital Technologies Are Reshaping Our Brains

To note there were maybe 2 out of every 5 sources that I could not read because the person didn’t ‘catched’ it, which was a bummer but never the less the person(s) tags were very helpful.  Below are a few that I believe will connect my blogs to people working  with a similar topic.

1. bioinformatics

2. learning

3. intuitivethinking

4. advancements

5. psychology

6. neurodevelopment

Nugget #3: Language

“Language–the way in which the individual parcels out the picture of his world into the concepts that his mind uses to model that world, and the symbols that he attaches to those concepts and uses in consciously manipulating the concepts (“thinking”).” II, part A Learning is in the form of communication. Neurotechnology has the potential to enhance our personal communication inside and outside (how we interpret) our body. Language is the bond, art, and codes of communication, language creates communication. My nugget of Language connects to my interest of Neurotechnology because language is the dominant form of communication of our age. What I believe is evolving is a new form of language (Neurotechnology). Neurotechnology has become very successful because it teach it’s ‘language’ via technology people connect easier, and instantaneous with neurotechnology creating a broad form communication. My interpretation of neurotechnology is significant because it has a grand area for improvement and obviously benefit people lives.



1. Lina’s nugget reference the process of learning a new ability involve. It connect to my text of learning through language and communication and of Neurotechnology making the process more efficient.

2. Jamie’s nugget, gestured how brain games can be our mind’s teacher. I found her post intriguing because humans have designed these neurogames based on the language of other humans.  It connect’s to my topic of Neurotechnology.

3. Sarah, nugget of how people interpret communicate into their own language by taking notes, using the example of notes from a lecture, was an alternative way of thinking. I believe her interest in how people interpret communication in their own style to understand connects to neurotechnology because the technology will be customized to the individual and their style of communication.


To close, I believe I have mistaken by choosing the solo mission. I will continue my research into Neurotechnology with a partner/partners, because what’s the fun in language if you have no one to communicate with.


Extending my Dream (wk 2)

Extending my Dream.










Is it possible for #technology and #neurology to be inseparable in the future?

Would #neurotechnology control how #artificialorgans heal through #neurocommunication?

Most significantly how will #neuroscience and #bioengineering connect/communicate to produce #neurogrowth?


These broad questions, are more precise and allow more feedback. Communication is beautiful because it is our ultimate connection.