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Project Prospectus (wk 5)

My observation has been broadened since I have begun my project in Neurotechnology. The most interesting information is about dreaming. Mostly because it is believed to allow us to live out anything imaginable. Psychologist and Neuroscientist are the focal attributes to what information we have of dreaming so far. It’s intriguing to believe someday we will enhance neurotechnology to discover the meaning of many parts of the brain we do not understand.

My latest discovery in research is that scientist still do not understand where dream formation began nor what area of the brain controls it. Well whom else can control dreaming than the brain?

I wonder how long it will take to discover the full meaning/potential of the brain. What I believe to be significantly intriguing is that possibly our brain has  depths of the universe, where as astronomers are consistently discovering new planets mostly through technology not direct contact i believe we will have to take the same approach with neurotechnology to understand our brain uncovered depths.

What I would like to show through my complete investigation is the potential that neurotechnology can uncover. How the technology will advance us and evolve our existence.