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Texting my Dream (wk 2)

Texting my Dream.

Nugget:  Thinking,

“About 85 per cent of my “thinking” time was spent getting into a position to think, to make a decision, to learn something I needed to know. Much more time went into finding or obtaining information than into digesting it,” this quote relates to my interest in mind/physiology processing (Man-Computer Symbiosis). The reference connect to my blog about the mind and nervous system interaction. The core of my interest lie within processing communication.  As the reference states majority of the time was spent getting into a position to think, in this state of ‘getting into a position to think’ I wonder what connections the mind had to perform to open the gateway of thinking. More so how creative it’s thoughts were composed physically or verbally




1.Yusr4, blog of how the iPad has advanced the process of surgery for surgeons is intriguing to me. Mostly because I have poked at the idea of becoming a surgeon, secondly I wonder if technology will become efficient enough to be placed inside the person having surgery and perform the procedure for the doctors.

2. Alyzh blog of the use of our imagination beyond studying material and getting tested on is appealing because Alyzh explain’s the process is about applying the knowledge we were seeking, and essentially, forming methods to better the world we live in.

3. Jamie blog of Tor a website that let’s you be anonymous on the internet has pros and cons because one, you do not have a title for yourself or a way people can connect back to you, two, it is beneficial if you have a broad search on the internet and you would not like to leave your imprint and want privacy.


The peers I have listed connect to my interest in Neurotechnology in different styles. There could be connection formed from Yusr4 interest in the iPad and surgery and my interest in the iPad being used for neurosurgery and possibly the implantation of technology. Alyzh blog of using our imagination/mind to apply our knowledge rather than studying just to pass, could connect to my idea of neurotechnology making the process of studying more efficient(easy) for the lazy readers,  and using their imagination/intellect to perform neuroconnection they enjoy more than studying.  Finally Jamie’s blog of Tor website does not connect to my interest of Neurotechnology because neuro means neurons, which are the communicators theirself, and I believe the website would in a way block communication or connections from the person using the site.