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First Annual State of the Blog Address (wk 5)

My Fellow Americans,

The state in which my project currently reside is to follow the path of Neurotechnology with a focus toward medical/health advancements. Within the first couple of weeks my focus of research was toward Neurotechnology’s influence between human communication. The idea of Neurotechnology enhancing the style of communication an individual expressed to another was my focus within the third week. Within the fourth week  I stumbled open an article that uncovered Neurotechnology sending electric pulse(s) from the brain to heal an area of the body that is unhealthy rather physically or mentally I find to be incredible. Therefore my project has evolved into the concentration of Neurotechnology and healing. I question that if Neurotechnology were a focus within the medical field, would the health professional be projected as the healer or would the technology control the health professional and the device itself be viewed as the healer.

My research in focus of medical Neurotechnology has been a breeze, it seems biomedical engineers have been working on an advanced piece of Neurotechnology since the 90’s and that it’s progress has been revolutional.

To close, I would like to thank Professor Coats, for his advise. In our conference we discussed what information would benefit my project description. He also guided me to the path of medical Neurotechnology with the example he gave of ‘he and his wife visit to the doctor. His wife was pregnant and they went to have a sonograph of the child . Coasts described there was a Sonographer and a Sonographist, the difference is the Sonographer controlled the imaging machine, translated the information to the Sonographist and the Sonographist translated the information to Mr. and Mrs. Coats. I found this appealing because the monographer had to study the machine which translate information into codes (another form of language) that health professionals will have to learn as Neurotechnology continue to progress.

Nugget, Week 4 (Ted Nelson)


Week 4 Nugget   “For every dream, many details and intricacies have to be whittled and interlocked. Their joint ramifications must be deeply understood by the person who is trying to create whatever-it-is. Each confabulation of possibilities turns out to have the most intricate and exactly detailed results. (This is why I am so irritated by those who think “electronic media” are all alike.)” Pg. 306 Ted Nelson, Computer Lib/Dream Machines. The meaning behind the text is astounding. I see it as an unlimited introduction to a new style of communication. As I proposed in my Dreamer’s Unite blog, technology is allowing people to connect on a broad level. The field of Neurotechnology demonstrate how technology and our mind(brain) is creating a new style of communication. In which everyone has to learn the language to communicate/ engage. This language of Neurotechnology captures my interest because from the passage ‘For every dream many details and intricacies have to be whittled and interlocked.’ Nelson argue that computers will allow people to have a deeper form of communication. What I bottled from this quote is the future ideam of Neurotechnology tapping into the dream world. I believe in the future however far it may be, that people will discover a way to connect with a person’s third eye (their mind). As I dig deeper into this idea it’s terrifying to think how this source of communication can be used for destruction but even more amazingly communication will be untouched, pure. People would not have to translate their ideas/thoughts into language to communicate it would be the action of Neurotechnology that handle this process. As most, understand dreams are our hidden motives, our deep feelings in which we may never allow to surface into communication (or don’t know how) and some dreams are the cause of an individual style of communication and personality. Nelson, goes on to say ‘Their joint ramifications must be deeply understood by the person who is trying to create whatever-it-is.’ I interpret this as, although many individuals have not mastered the art of communicating through technology and creating/proposing the same idea they began with, somewhere through technology the initial message lose value while being translated. This is definitely a con of technology in which I believe Neurotechnology will translate communication clearly, without adaptions, but purely from the sources’ mind.




1.  Kahn, blog was very interesting, I love the expression used ‘ Knowledge is power, so it tends to be hoarded.’ I agree with Kahn on the concept that someone whom is not educated of a topic can teach themselves’ within minutes.

2. Helena and I have contrasting ideas that computers are inhumane,  while I believe if technology/computers are built to aid in humane interactions with one another rather than with the computer/technology itself, it will become humane.

3. Jawad and I agree tremendously that technology can surface a humans’ dream. Jawad make an interesting approach that technology was formed on the basis of human being able to interpret/communicate it’s dreams and fantasies.

Reflection (wk 3)


Throughout my research I have not discovered a dramatic connection between my thoughts on my nuggets, concept experience with diigo, and students’ thoughts on theirs. What I have discovered are topics that relate in some distinct manner on my topic. To list a few:

Cabou200 (section 005) argued how social networking keep people connected, relate to my inquiry project of language connecting people mentally. Alternatively The KahnQuest inquiry project of communication is very detailed and gives a breakdown of social interacting, I believe The KahnQuest (section 006) project connect with my inquiry of language because language form communication. Finally Mirna (section 006) described how research is helping immobile individuals regain their mobility, which reference a breakthrough of technology this connect not perfectly but somewhat to my ‘Extending my Dream‘ in which I list artificial organs. I believe Mirna project can connect to my area of artificial organs because if technology can restore mobility to someone paralyzed I’m certain it can aid in the transplant of artificial organs, maybe in the future maybe even they will start transplanting the nervous system.

In reflection, I can use Diigo to my benefit by bookmarking my research and sharing it with a larger audience, and hopefully individuals who are researching a similar topic will give their input. I can also alter a few of my tags to make them more specific.

Panning for Nuggets (wk 3)

Nugget 1: I find this nugget to be very informing because it elaborate the connection of mobility, technology, and communication. Communication and technology has become inseparable because of flexibility. For instance (at home) while preparing to go to class I get an email from my professor explaining what we will be covering in class. Something as simple as an email, will determine my mood going into class, expectations, and resources I need to be ready for class. This is a powerful source because I could retain more information from my class session from being prepared, vs. not receiving an email, being unprepared, and having a negative mood while in class due to not being prepared. Which connects to my second nugget.

Nugget 2: Explain how communication will advance, and some things we can never replace which is human interaction. Although emailing, texting, etc could be of good use. My outcome could default if I interpret the communication being sent wrong. The professor could have simply misplaced a period or forgotten a word or two (not saying it’s possible) and my preparation would go to waste because of misinterpretation of communication. Therefore it is possible we will create better communication to help us reason and inform one another but it will come with the removal of human interaction.  What also intrigue’s me about digital communication are the connections I associate with a digital text from someone. For instance if my mom sends me a text ending in a phrase she use repetitively in person, when I read it I will associate how she interpret it in person from the text. I believe this is neuroconnection that we as humans develop with our personal relationships/communications that will never dwindle.