Care Ethics

Care ethics is characterized by giving human relationships, emotions, and care given to oneself and to others. This ethical framework stands out from other frameworks as it does not view the individual as isolated, independent, and removed from the people surrounding them. The article, “Ethics of Caring in Environmental Ethics” addresses how care ethics is especially useful in environmentalism as it promotes caring for more … Continue reading Care Ethics

The Drowning Child and Calculating Consequences

The article, “The Drowning Child”, brought up the idea of how ethics don’t really change because of distance or cost. I thought the scenario discussed in the article was really interesting because although the ethics involving saving a drowning a child don’t change if they’re in front of you or in another country, I hadn’t really thought about how similar the two situations are. The … Continue reading The Drowning Child and Calculating Consequences

American Muslims vs Mass Media

In the current age of mass media, the public depends on media outlets for information, especially relation to marginalized communities. In the case of representing Muslims, the media’s role is particularly important as majority of Americans claim they do not know a Muslim (Lipka, 2014). Additionally, “the influence of media on Americans’ attitudes toward Muslims is stronger than that of other informational sources” (Saleem, 2015). … Continue reading American Muslims vs Mass Media