“Am I Blue” Reflection

While reading “Am I Blue”, I was very surprised by the comparisons Alice Walker made. She compared the breeding of Blue with another horse just to take the horse away with one’s partner being sold into slavery or killed. My first reaction the comparisons she made were that they were incomparable scenarios. However, the more I thought about it, I felt really torn by the ethics of the comparing injustice with non-human animals to injustice with humans. I completely believe that animals are fully capable of having emotions and expressing them, so why do I still feel like Blue’s partner being taken away from him is not comparable to humans in the same scenario? Its really interesting how animal’s emotions are so often overlooked because we don’t see them as emotionally or mentally evolved as humans.

One thought on ““Am I Blue” Reflection

  1. Yes. The comparison is problematic for many reasons (the historical rhetoric and intent of naming some people are “animals” as part of an effort to de-humanize). Because Alice Walker is a woman of color, she has a level of legitimacy that others may not have in making the comparison. She’s also careful not to say that the 2 things are “just alike.” She only makes very specific comparison about breeding and raising the children of others.

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