Care Ethics

Care ethics is characterized by giving human relationships, emotions, and care given to oneself and to others. This ethical framework stands out from other frameworks as it does not view the individual as isolated, independent, and removed from the people surrounding them. The article, “Ethics of Caring in Environmental Ethics” addresses how care ethics is especially useful in environmentalism as it promotes caring for more than oneself, it promotes caring for humans and nonhuman living things around us. The article, “The Cost of Caring”, discusses how caring for people, especially those close to us like our family, can drive us to do things that are incredibly difficult. However, this article also addresses how the Filipino women that leave their children to work in America are doing so because they care about them, while they are missing out on physically and emotionally caring for them through their childhood. I believe care ethics is the most realistic approach to moral decision making. No human can make decisions absent of emotion, relationships with others, or dependance on others, which is what makes this specific framework the most realistic.

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