In the coat of caring the author is telling the story of Emma. A mother of 8 girls in the Philippines. She wasn’t making a lot of money and decided to follow her sister to New York to take on the positions of a caregiver, to childer, the elderly and the disabled. To me the… Read More

The Impact the media can have on us can have varying damage to our self-esteem and how we see ourselves. For now, I’m just going to be focusing on women and young girls. The media objectifies women more often than not and it will reinforce the traditional gender roles (Critical Media Project). Focusing on the… Read More

I was born 10 weeks before Christmas, at 8 weeks I was purchased by who I assumed to be a kind person. My mama had told me how much fun I would have at my new home and that it would be like the home we were at. They would take care of me, love… Read More

As humans, we tend to try and not notice things that seem like none of our business. However, we should notice more of our surroundings, otherwise, how are we supposed to learn more? Everyone has a daily routine that they tend to try to stick with. I spent some time trying to find things I’ve never… Read More

The City and the City is a novel that takes place in the made-up cities of Ul Qoma and Beszel. In the novel, the author, China Mieville, created two clashing cities that were intertwined and “crosshatched” in some places but “total” in others. The concept of the cities crosshatching can be really odd for someone… Read More