As humans, we tend to try and not notice things that seem like none of our business. However, we should notice more of our surroundings, otherwise, how are we supposed to learn more? Everyone has a daily routine that they tend to try to stick with. I spent some time trying to find things I’ve never noticed in my daily routine. I found that I tend to walk past the same people on my way to classes. I just never put to and to together to fully realize it.

I also noticed that when people are waiting in lines they tend to avoid making eye contacted and just look at their phones as a way to escape the uncomfortableness of being in a public space.

3 comments on “The Art of Noticing

  • It’s a weird phenomenon. It reminds me of the time I got my first car, a 2007 Chevy Impala. I never had a relation or any familiarity with Impalas. I can’t even recall seeing that many on the road, but ever since I got my keys every car that I drove passed magically appeared to be an … you guessed it, CHEVY IMPALA.

    A realization of a shared identity.

  • I have also noticed that people try to avoid eye contact in scenarios in which they are waiting for something (in line like you mentioned, in the elevator like Alizeh mentioned). Also I do walk past the same people every day, and the people I walk past noticed also so now we smile or wave at each other!

  • Its really interesting how long it takes to notice that we basically see the same people every day. We are so caught up in our days and getting to the next place that we unsee majority of whats around us everyday.

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