I was born 10 weeks before Christmas, at 8 weeks I was purchased by who I assumed to be a kind person. My mama had told me how much fun I would have at my new home and that it would be like the home we were at. They would take care of me, love me more than anything. I was picked up Christmas eve and slept in the same room as the kind woman and her husband.

I woke up to the sound of pitter padder running around the second floor I then heard them going down the steps. I jumped up but before I could follow the sound the man picked me up and put me in a big pink box with holes on the lid. There was a treat there to keep me quite. He and his wife walked me downstairs and set the box down. The lid lifted up and I popped out to see a little girl. She was so excited to see me, that I started wagging my tail, barking, and trying to jump out of the box. I knocked it over and jumped in the little girl’s lap to lick her face. She laughed so much and her parents asked if she liked me and she said: “Of course I do!” We played all day, she would throw a ball and I’d bring it back, I’d chase her and she’d chase me. I slept in her room that night.  The next day we went to the store for her to pick out a dog collar just for me.

Now it’s a couple weeks later, the little girl was back at school, the parents were at work all day. I’m lonely, my teeth hurt, I need to go out. My teeth throbbed so much that I started chewing on the couch, stairs, anything that I could get my mouth on. I couldn’t hold it in any longer, I had an accident. I really didn’t mean to but nobody was home and I was trying my best. When they did finally come home I was so excited but, then they would walk further into the house and yell at me, hit me and throw me outside until it was dinner time.

I can hear the wife say that I’m to much work and that they can’t take care of me. The husband agrees. The little girl cries. But I’m not sure what even it means. The next morning the man picked me up and put me in the car. We drove for a little while, I watched the clouds in the sky and treetops pass above me. I tried to stand up but I feel over from the bumps. When we finally stopped, the man took me out of the car but brought me into a building he undid the collar from around my neck. He walked me to the front desk. I was terrified, I had no idea what was happening, I’m in an entirely new place. I’m shaking, crying and screaming. A woman in a t-shirt with a dog on it comes up and takes me in her arms she tries to comfort me but I can see the man walk away. I realized that this is what they meant when they said I’m to much work. They don’t want me anymore. The woman took me into a back room with 30 other dogs my age, she puts me in a hard metal cage. I’m still crying and shaking. Is this the rest of my life? Surrounded by metal, with no one to love me? Being locked away and forgotten? What did I do wrong? Why would they give me up? Will I ever find my forever home? A woman comes up from behind she sighs, “Another Christmas present returned?”

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  • This composition was really well written, it took me a minute to actually understand the perspective was of a puppy but as soon as I realized it, I teared up. You conveyed the emotions of the dog perfectly and you successfully made the reader empathize immediately. I think you could have had more pictures that support the writing better or adding the sound of a dog barking/playing would have been a good addition.

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