Humans and Machines !

Man-Computer Symbiosis

“There will nevertheless be a fairly long interim during which the main intellectual advances will be made by men and computers working together in intimate association. A multidisciplinary study group, examining future research and development problems of the Air Force, estimated that it would be 1980 before developments in artificial intelligence make it possible for machines alone to do much thinking or problem solving of military significance. That would leave, say, five years to develop man-computer symbiosis and 15 years to use it. The 15 may be 10 or 500, but those years should be intellectually the most creative and exciting in the history of mankind.”

This is so true in current scenario that all human beings are linked with the computers. The association between human and computer is so strong that human has to use computer to do every single thing. The use of Artificial Intelligence can be seen in real life applications such as voice detection, face detection, human detection, retina detection etc. Artificial intelligence is becoming an essential part of human lives. Security systems are totally depending on artificial intelligence and its applications. From army to a common person, everyone is somehow linked with it. Air Force use artificial intelligence techniques in order to be accurate in their decisions. For instance, Stealth Aircraft has this system installed which can find out the target from a long range. The whole system of Stealth is computerized and its system has the fully ability to control the whole aircraft. Similarly, Drones are aircrafts that are totally dependent on computer and they are controlled by computers and do whatever the computer instructs them to do. Now let’s talk about ordinary human beings, whenever we go to work, we have to use the computer in order to do our jobs. Everything is linked with computers and we cannot live without computers even for a day. We are witness of some wonderful artificial intelligence applications such as robots who have the ability to act like human beings and in future we can imagine how artificial intelligence will revolutionize our lives!



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  1. Max said on June 17, 2014

    The predictions made in both this article and the previous article are astonishing. Although, I don’t know if we had the artificial intelligence capabilities by the 80’s that he seems to have predicted. The weapons systems you mentioned in your nugget are great accomplishments yet very scary ones. Self targeting weapons based on artificial intelligence doesn’t sound like a good idea to me, but humans will be humans and try to accomplish such feats just to see if they can, all while ignoring certain dangers. Good post!

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