Humans and Machines !

Concept Experience

Computers work faster than human brain. This statement is quite usual now days, everyone is talking about it. I researched about it a lot and this made it quite complicated for me to understand which one is better and faster. Several questions arose in my mind after I researched about it. Computer is faster than human brain but in what circumstances? Computer has limited access to information or brain? Who invented the computer, Human brain? Then how can computer be accurate or faster than human brain? There are several questions which arose in my mind as I tried to complete this blog. These questions made me realize that humans are dependent on computers now days and every single thing is done with the help of computer. Human brain is quite complicated and used to do everything before the invention of computer. The dependence on computer has really changed the dynamics of life that is why most of the people say that computer is better than human brain because computer can do so many things faster than human brain. People only say what they see, they do not realize that this computer is invention of human brain, without human brain this computer was not going to exist. As I am done with this assignment I realized that the debate between what is faster, computer or brain is irrelevant. It depends on our thinking process and how we perceive things. Most of the people are influenced and admit that computers are faster than human brains because they see computers everywhere but they do not realize that humans operate them. Computers cannot do anything without the help of human input.  The relation between human and computer is quite complicate

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  1. I completely agree that computers are solely run from the human brain, and often times we become so engulfed into technology we fail to recognize that. People always say technology is going to take over, but that will only happen if humans allow that to happen. The human mind has certain capabilities only it can acquire, and until we are able to create systems where computers enhance human intelligence gracefully, we must utilize our brains to their full capability without technology.

  2. I think another thing to keep in mind is the speed of the internet. A lot of the times while I’m at home it runs soooo slowwww. It’s not my computers fault, just the wireless connection, but still. If I want to make a strawberry banana smoothie and look up a recipe online but my computer is being slow, most of the time I can just put a few things in the blender do a few taste tests and figure it out while my computer is still trying to open up google search. I know this isn’t what you were getting at, but it’s just something to keep in mind.

  3. said on June 22, 2014

    I think the best results come from research inquiries such as the ones that you came up with. Your first idea was very broad and required a stronger focus and that happened with the time it took unfold the real question at hand. It’s tedious but I myself realized that we have to dissect a concept all the way to the foundation to really understand it.
    Also, I think it’s pretty cool that your post conveys the importance of analyzing what is considered a “usual” or “common” statement. Sometimes we come to find that those statements aren’t always true 🙂

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