Humans and Machines !

Research Reflection # 4

I have done a lot of things this week. I have read several blog posts related to student’s inquiry projects. Some of the students have extremely compelling topics and one of the best inquiry projects is on education. The discussion and emphasis is quite amazing and interesting. My topic is related to technology and its benefits. Humans certainly have taken so many advantages from technologies depending upon its nature. From Telephone to Smartphone, from calculator to computer, we certainly have revolutionized the world of technology. According to Brain Arthur everything is dependent on its previous invention and we need to understand this.

While doing my nugget for this week, I have realized how we used to invent things. Dynabook was the first tablet ever made; in 1970s it was quite famous. This was the beginning of that technology and now when we look around, we have tablets everywhere. Samsung and Apple certainly have captured that market and we are using these tablets for different purposes. Similarly, we have USBs, external hard drives, email addresses and cloud storage in order to save our personal and confidential data. This only happened because of the previous inventions, we are certainly improving our inventions and after few years we will have something better than smartphones, USBS or external hard drives. The process of inventions and discoveries do not stop and we need to realize this. Whatever seems impossible now, will be possible tomorrow.  WE EVOLVE!

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