Humans and Machines !

Technology really improved our lives? Agree or disagree?

We always wonder what makes technology so good. How did we achieve all of this? The world seems more comfortable to live in. Is it because of technology and is it really true? Most of the people will agree to this and say yes technology has really made our lives easier. Technology is beneficial because it has made our lives convenient and also improved the abilities of humans.

Technology is everywhere. When we wake up, we find ourselves sleeping on the mattress. How did we make that mattress? We used springs and fabric to do so. How did we build spring? Obviously with the help of technology we did all that.

Not only that, we use machines in our daily lives and machines have replaced human’s labor work. All these machines work automatically with the help of humans. Humans just instruct the machines and they do the work which 100 people cannot do together.  Furthermore, entertainment was never been as diversified and popular before as it is right now. We use T.V to watch movies and play games. Internet is another wonder of technology, without internet we cannot do anything. All students, businessmen and workers are dependent on it. People in other countries communicate through internet and smartphones. Who made this possible? Definitely technology!

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The achievements of technology have improved our knowledge and abilities as well. We have access to huge amount of information and we do not need to go and see thousands of books in order to get small information. We do not have to do a lot of manual work and we spend our time on creative work more than before because of technology. We have trained ourselves in our field which require greater deal of intelligence. That is how we perfect our skills and produce such instruments to improve our lives.

On the other hand, some people believe that technology have made people lazier than before. I do not agree with them but still I cannot change their opinion. In this world, whatever we do or use in excess will bring harm for us. It is not only technology but anything that we use in excess will not be good for us. Humans invented machines to do the work more efficiently and quickly. The purpose was to reduce the burden of labors, because before humans used to work like donkeys and everyone will agree with it. It depends on us how we use technology to get its full benefits.  It is impossible for humans to survive in this world without technology.


Who agrees with me and who does not? Please leave a comment J thank you

3 responses to Technology really improved our lives? Agree or disagree?

  1. You’ve got two interesting and related strands here: technology as an extension of our bodies (thus saving us physical labor), and technology as an extension of our minds (thus augmenting out intellect). Each has risks, each has benefits. Consider working on one of these strands, not both. Which interests you more? If the first one does, perhaps you’d like to think about robots or other industrial kinds of technology. If the second one does, you may want to investigate communication technologies. If you still want to write about technology as a whole, you’ll end up in an area called “the philosophy of technology,” which is a fascinating area but far too broad for this assignment.

    All of that said, your post is also quite dramatic and engaging. The beginning is especially vivid and interesting. Don’t lose that quality as you seek to narrow your topic.

    • said on July 21, 2014

      Thanks for the feedback. It really helped me narrowing down the topic. I would like to talk about robots because if i talk about philosophy of technology then it will be extremely broad topic.
      One more thing i wanted to ask, if i talk about robots then do i need to talk about them in general or in more technical details.

      • You’ve headed in the direction of communication technologies, so I’m assuming the question is moot. I’ll have more to share with you about your current direction in my feedback on your written component.

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