Humans and Machines !

Concept Experience # 5

The experiences are different for everyone because of different situations and scenarios. I like writing blogs when I am sure about something. Most of the times I do not know how to start and what to write in the beginning of my posts. Most of my blogs demonstrate the usage of personal, interactive, network computing as a metamedium because it is not expected and has astonishing uses.

Technology really improved our lives? Agree or disagree?

Technology always fascinated me by all means. I am witness of this technology revolution like others. I was inspired of technology when I first started listening to radio and T.V. I always wondered how these things work and how can we watch so many things on T.V without going there. I started taking interest in all technology related things and when I used internet for the first time, it was totally a different world. I could talk to my friends, and access to information which I could not before. Wherever I go, whatever I use, it is somehow related to technology directly or indirectly. Computers are everywhere, from smartphones to this blog; we are using technologies in order to do our work. What makes technology so good and how did it actually improve our life? These are the questions which every single person asks.

Machines are designed and modeled in a way that they can help humans in all aspects. I always researched on a topic; how machines work and how they are beneficial for humans. Machines are built by humans and they are built in a way that they have to assist humans in their daily work. Computer is considered to be an abstract machine because it can do a lot of things and one person cannot explore all of those things ever. For instance, computers helped us to develop different applications for mobiles, smartphones, automotive, banks, etc. But can one person alone do all of these things? The answer is obviously NO! Another question is how technology is not helping humans? Overuse is the answer! Whoever uses something in excess will always say that. Some of the people will not agree to this but one way or other they use technology as well.

Nature of Technology

I studied the article of Brain Arthur and it really made me understand the concept of technology and how we define technology. The nature of technology is the main question. He talked about how technology evolves with the help of examples. Technology is something which creates itself piece by piece and totally depends on its previous inventions. We always wonder how we invented airplanes. We had to first invent the metal that was used in the development of plane, then we had to invent its control area, then navigation, then design, and vice versa. Every single thing is depending on its previous invention or creation. Whatever seems impossible now, will be possible tomorrow.

The evolution of technology always fascinates me and it is evolving day by day with extreme pace. We need to understand and admire the evolution of technology. One cannot say that we invented something new, because whatever we invent; it always depends on its previous creation.

Inquiry Proposal Draft 2

I decided to write about the benefits of technologies and different applications of smartphones because I always used such applications and saw other people using it. They helped us in various ways such as Google Maps, I always used that application to find the directions. There are several other applications which really helped me in my daily life.

So I think that the involvement of technology in our daily life have become an essential part. I decided to research about it and represent my own ideas in a way that one can understand; how technology has improved our life and how it can improve our life more.




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