Humans and Machines !

Summary: Communication Technology (Inquiry Project)

“Technology” is the most fascinating word in this modern era. Some people are against the development of technology. Well the way they talk, they end up supporting technology but never admit that. Technology has made our lives easier and we have so many things that we do not even realize their importance until we do not have access to it. Communication is one of the branches of technology. How do we communicate with each other? We use mobile phones, internet, and social networking sites and even in this course we used blogs and emails. So, any of our students are against technology? If yes then you are still using it. There is no doubt that technology has a lot of advantages and disadvantages, but the question is; when we exercise (more than our body can tolerate) in the gym then what should we expect from it? Healthy body? Everyone knows the answer. The advantages of communication technologies are a lot such as we can talk to our friends anytime we want, share news, have access to huge amount of information on internet, and can communicate with our teachers, doctors and scholars etc. There are tons of advantages of technologies, but like other things it has its own disadvantages as well such as poor substitute for face to face communication, hard to train employees at workplace, expensive and insecure. Disadvantages could not stop its progress and will not be able to do so in future as well because it is not technology’s fault. It is our fault because we are using it in excess.

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