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Communication Technology: Mobile Phones

Technology is the most fascinating word in this modern era. Some people are against the development of technology. Well the way they talk, they end up supporting technology but never admit that. Technology has made our lives easier and we have so many things that we do not even realize their importance until we do not have access to it. Communication is one of the branches of technology. How do we communicate with each other? We use mobile phones, internet, and social networking sites and even in this course we used blogs and emails. So, any of our students are against technology? If yes then you are still using it. Communication technology is considered to be a communal expression for a variety of different computer, applications which maybe software, different devices and internet. Communication technology is a general concept which includes all the communication devices or methods. The main purpose of communication technology is to mediate information and permit the process of communication. When we talk about mobile phones and internet technology, what do we think about them? They are considered to be the source of communication technology? No, communication technology is presented in other types of technology as well such as interactive whiteboards, digital cameras, console games etc. These are considered to be communication technologies for children. There are several advantages of communication technology. We use communication technology for the purpose of work and study, not only for entertainment and pleasure. Mobile phone is considered to be the widely used device for the purpose of communication and it really has brought people closer. There are several questions attached with mobile phones such as what changes have mobile connectivity brought into our lives? What changes have mobile connectivity brought to our lives? As we become more constantly connected to each other via our phones, what good things result? What bad things?These are the questions which everyone asks.

Mobile phone in this modern era has become an essential tool for everyone from elementary school kids, and teenagers to businessmen and senior citizen. Do you wonder how many cell phones do we have in the world right now? There are around 780 million cell phone users around the globe. Nowadays, it is rare that someone do not have cell phone as cell phone has become a need of life. Mobile phones are considered to be crucial for work, leisure, pleasure, relations and keeping up with modern times. The invention of mobile phone really altered the way we interact with our friends and family, how we maintain our social relationships and how we work etc. we need to understand the importance of this new technology because for past 10 years mobile phones certainly changed our lives. Mobile phones gave us the power as individuals to do whatever we want to do and be whatever we want to be. These days, if you notice, we tend to forget our keys but we do not forget to bring our mobile phone. Mobile phones are connecting people with each other and it was not possible before. It is becoming new glue which is holding together all the relationships and social interactions. Mobile phone has made us available to people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In past, we had to go through so many processes in order to get to know where the person is; NOW we just need to call that person or leave a text, asking where you are. Mobile phone also provides enormous opportunities for all businessmen to connect with consumers in order to understand their needs and this also strengthen the relationship among them.

Before going in details of how mobile phones have revolutionized the world of communication, first deal with the criticism. Mobile phones are injurious to brain health of humans. Yes, it is true but if you use it in excess only then it happens. Mobile phones have decreased the social life and interaction between humans. True, but to what extent? When someone visits his friend’s house, what do we do first? Obviously ask the friend if he is free. If we do not have mobile phone and we just go to his house, will it be appropriate. Again, we misuse technology, technology does not misuse us. Look at the advantages of mobile phone now. Whenever, we need to go somewhere, first thing we is to check if the other person is available or not in case of friends and family. There is nothing wrong in asking because everyone has their personal life and can get busy with their own stuff. Mobile phones have decreased the distances among friends and family, whenever someone goes out of city or country. How do we contact them? Obviously through mobile phones and get to know how they are. Before we used the medium of writing letters and letters used to take months in order to deliver our messages.

The advantages of mobile phones are never ending. We stay in contact with our family members and friends all the time. We keep texting them and it is like a constant interaction between you and your family members. Another use of mobile phone is calling someone in emergency, what we would do if we need to call someone and we do not have mobile phone? Cell phones are extremely beneficial while travelling, in case of accidents and unexpected events. We can inform rescue teams in order to get help from them in case of any emergency.


All the people who are against mobile phones cannot defend this, because even they are in support of mobile phone in this case. Now days, mobile phones have evolved and there are smart phones available in market. Smart phones certainly increased the worth of mobile phones. Smart phones are considered to be modern form of mobile phones. They are called SMART because they can do various things which we used to do on our laptops or computers. We have so many applications in smartphones which are designed to help and entertain humans.  For instance, we have Google Maps in android phones. Google maps provide us the direction and help us find our way in our daily lives. People use this application daily to find out the ways and directions. This is not the only application which is helping humans in their daily lives but there are tons of application that are doing the same thing such as applications related to banking, ecommerce, communication, health, finding out nearby gas station, restaurants etc. Similarly, there is an application Skype which everyone uses including businessman, student, teacher and simple. Most of them use this application on their mobile phones and they can do that anywhere they want. They just need their data (3g, 4g) or internet wireless connection. There is a camera available in smartphones; did we ever imagine that there will be camera in a cell phone? Now whenever we miss someone, we take our picture and send it to that person. Those people who are away from their loved ones, they usually do this. They take their pictures and send the pictures to them. Also, people use the mobile camera in order to capture the funny, intense, memorable moments. Mobile phones certainly replaced the market of camera, now people do not buy additional camera because they have their mobile phone with them.


The advantages of cell phones are never ending. Feature phones were designed for the purpose of calling and messaging but smart phones are more intelligent as compared to feature phones. Without going in comparison between them, focus on smart phones! Why? Because smartphones are modern form of feature phones. Smartphones have tons of applications for communication such as whatsapp. We can chat with our friends over internet by using that application and it is totally free and we can also share our images and videos. Before we used to pay for MMS services for this purpose and now we do not have to pay for it. Communication has become extremely easy after the invention of cell phones. Cell phones are great source of entertainment as well. What do we do, when we are bored? We play music, play video games or watch movies on our cell phones. Entertainment, especially when we are travelling or getting bored then we do this. There are so many applications related to entertainment that we cannot get bored even if we are sitting alone because we can spend hours using those applications without getting bored.

How does cellphone help business to grow and gain customer satisfaction? First talk about the courier business, whenever we go and sends something to somewhere, they register our cell phone number and email address. Whenever, our stuff gets delivered we get the notification of delivery on our cell phone. This increases the trust of customer on the company because customer gets satisfied that his/her stuff has been delivered on the given address and he does not need to worry. Similarly, whenever we need to find out something, we call on help lines such as bank help line in order to ask about the account transactions, credit card details or other things. Similarly, we can get to know about so many things by just calling them. If we want to inquire about something from university, we can call the university, if we need to talk to the doctor, we can call the doctor and book an appointment. Everything has become so easy because of cell phones.


Now let’s talk about some of the disadvantages of Mobile Phones.  At work, it has been noticed that most of the employees use their mobile phones in order to talk to their friends during work hours. They do so by using Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. In most of the companies these sites are blocked because employees need to focus on their instead of communicating with their friends. Due to this reason most of the employees cannot separate their personal life from their professional life.  There are several cases around the world that employees have been fired from their jobs because they took a sick leave from work but caught hanging out with their friends and checked in to some places through their mobile phones on their social networking sites.  Similarly, mobile phone is extremely dangerous while driving and most of the people still do it. Some of the people use mobile phones for the purpose of GPS and using mobile phone during driving has increased the ratio of accidents all over the world and numbers are increasing day by day. One of the biggest disadvantages is addiction, most of the people keep using their cell phones for various purposes such as texting, calling, playing games, music, social networking etc.  Isn’t it true? All of us I am sure are addicted to our cell phones and we spend so much time on cell phone and then we complain that technology has made our life hard and we were happy before the invention of cell phone. Everyone says that, but is it our fault or cell phone’s fault? We are misusing it or cell phone is misusing it. Well! Everyone knows the answer here.

In conclusion, we must say that cell phones have made our lives easier. There are people who argue that cell phones are not beneficial for humans. Really? They are just against the development of humans and they will never be happy in any case. The advantages of cell phones are way more than the disadvantages. Even disadvantages are not disadvantages; because that is what you call misuse of technology. It is not the fault of cell phone when we misuse it, it is our fault. Cell phones have revolutionized our lives and it is an essential part of all humans in modern era. From students to teachers, patients to doctors, employees to businessmen, all of us need the cell phone in order to do our daily work. One cannot neglect the advantages of cell phones because without cell phones our world will be totally different and it will be hard to live in.




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