HPEX 395

HPEX 395: Clinical Experience I 

3 credits: 120 contact hours

This is the first course in the internship sequence completed by each student.  It offers students the opportunity to become familiar with their new roles, responsibilities, and expectations as interns.  Students complete assignments focused not only on the clinical components of professional practice, but also assignments which target certain administrative competencies expected of professionals.  The first clinical experience is mostly observational in nature and requires a minimum of 100 contact hours to be completed during the semester (100 at the internship site and 20 in the classroom).

Prerequisites for students in the exercise science concentration: HPEX 375, junior standing and permission of instructor.

Prerequisites for students in the health sciences concentration: HPEX 250, HPEX 300, HPEX 353 and BIOL 205, junior standing, and permission of instructor.

Students are also expected to maintain current CPR/AED/FA certification throughout the semester.

Students should consult with an adviser or the Clinical Coordinator, Jeff Diritto (jhdiritto@vcu.edu) to obtain concentration-specific course prerequisites and course requirements.

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