HPEX 495/496

HPEX 495 & 496: Clinical Experience II & III

6 credits: 240 hours

All HPEX students must complete HPEX 495 as part of their degree requirements to graduate. HPEX 496 is optional and is listed as an approved HPEX elective that students can apply those six credits towards.

HPEX 495 serves as the capstone to each student’s degree. Students enrolled in HPEX 495 have made more academic progress towards completing their degrees; thus it offer students a more “hands-on” experience unique to their individual degree track and scope. Similarly to HPEX 395, students enrolled in both HPEX 495 and/or 496 complete assignments focused on clinical and administrative components of professional practice.  Students can enroll in both courses concurrently or during different semesters, completing a minimum of 480 or  240 contact hours (respectively) during the semester.

Prerequisites: HPEX 395, senior standing, permission of instructor and minimum grade of C in all HPEX prerequisite courses. Enrollment restricted to HPEX majors. Students are also expected to maintain current CPR/AED/FA certification throughout the semester.

Students should consult with an adviser or course instructor to obtain concentration-specific course prerequisites and course requirements. Fulfills capstone requirement. Addresses competencies in exercise science, health promotion and/or health science. Provides experiences at an approved affiliate site under the supervision of faculty and approved site supervisors. Students gain practical experience in routine, intermediate and advanced procedures associated with exercise science, health promotion and/or health science.


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